What Is ASMR Slicing Game? Who Can Play This?

Updated on March 24, 2024

ASMR is short for an autonomic sensory meridian response, and it’s a pleasant, tingly sensation in the head, scalp, or back that you can experience when someone performs specific actions like whispering, chewing, or crinkling.

ASMR videos are relaxing and calming, focusing on soft sounds like tapping and scratching, triggering these sensations. An example of an ASMR game is the ASMR slicing game.

The act of slicing isn’t as common as other ASMR triggers like crinkling or tapping, but this video game has had over 1 million plays since its release just last December. This is a unique way of experiencing the sensation of ASMR through video games without having to watch a video.

The ASMR Slicing Game (ASMR Slice) allows players to use their mouse movements traced on their screen to slice up an apple floating in front of them. If you’re interested in figuring out if you want to try out for yourself, then read on!

What is ASMR Slicing Game?

In this game, you go against the clock to get your “ASMR Shot,” which means completing an entire slice through the apple. The sounds affect you and help make you complete the task quicker because even though your computer keeps counting down the time, it sounds like a voice telling you how fast or slow to go.

Many people share their personal ASMR experiences since it’s an intimate experience when another person is performing something slowly on camera. This game might help some people figure out if they are sensitive to ASMR sensations in general.

ASMR Slicing is a unique game when you think about how many video games there are. Not all games incorporate ASMR triggers to settle the brains of people, so it’s a game that focuses on relaxation and calmness through curiosity.

The ASMR community seems to be growing over the years, with videos and other information to help you understand what this community is about more clearly. It’s also on Reddit for you to check out new content coming out and other discussions that have popped up.

You may wonder if anyone else has feelings for this type of phenomenon like you do. Surprisingly enough, 1 in 10 people respond strongly to these trigger-based situations, including specific audio or visual movements.

Some people seek these triggers in the comfort of their own homes and find videos similar to them online. Others experience such a relaxing feeling that they sleep better than they would without experiencing any ASMR sensations or watching videos containing it.

This feeling of having camaraderie with other people sensitive to this experience is crucial since not many people understand why you may crave videos like this too much.

Who can Play the ASMR Slicing Game?

The ASMR Slicing Game is accessible to anyone interested in experiencing ASMR. It’s a fun and engaging way to try out this sensation without having to watch an entire video.

This game is often thought of for the people who experience visual-based or “feel-good sounds” ASMR triggers.

The sense of touch and visuals is what you pay attention to when playing this game most of the time, so many people with similar motivations will have a great time with it.

Not all games incorporate ASMR, so there aren’t that many experiences you can relate this to if you’re curious. Developing a game like this was already a creative way to get others with the same sensory eating response feeling good about themselves and their interest in specific experiences.

You don’t have to take any pills or do anything physically pleasurable like some people in the community; seeing, hearing, and feeling something that relaxes you both physically and mentally brings your senses together into an ultimate relaxation session.

This sensory combination is enough for a group of people, who usually feel separate because of the lack of similar interests, to feel like they belong and nowhere else since it reduces the enormity of having similar preferences.

You may feel more satisfied with yourself in your everyday life once you reach out and talk to people about how ASMR triggers them into a sleep or laughter frenzy that alters their daytime life dramatically.

What do we like about this game?

If you’re sensitive to relevant audio-visual stimuli, this game might be appealing to you. If you’re curious about visual stimuli that incorporate delicious sound sequences, why not indulge yourself in this game? After all, you don’t want to stay in your isolation bubble.

You have to fully manipulate and control different parts of your hand for this game to be worth playing.

When you develop your hand sensitivities, it is essential to try those specific actions to enhance concentration and relieve how the ASMR triggers evolved from collective popularity and stimulate one natural response.

Many ASMR scenes are more oddball than ones with calming tones and sights, so that might be a factor as well.

What do we think about this game?

Many people play this in public and with stealthy glances on their mobile phones. Several answers were provided by individuals in other countries who contrasted the cute sound girl with their country’s current political climate.

It is easy to imagine how glorifying particular sounds can get outdated suddenly if specific calls into question traditional values like empathy or racism ever resurface again, especially if seen through a negative light which causes social issues’ participants to act out on how they feel.

The Benefits of Playing ASMR Slice Game

ASMR Slice is a unique way of experiencing the sensation of ASMR through video games without having to watch a video. It allows players to use their mouse movements traced on their screen to slice up an apple floating in front of them.

This game is also helpful for people who have difficulty falling asleep as it’s very soothing and relaxing.

The benefits of playing the ASMR Slice Game are enjoyable, easy, and relaxing! However, this game has been noted to be not as immersive or interactive as many other ASMR videos or games out there, so those looking for more intense experiences may prefer a different game.

You can save your progress in the game when you quit by clicking the “Save” button that appears at the bottom right corner of your screen.