Bob Ross Best Asmr - 5 Best Picks!

Updated on March 24, 2024

Bob Ross has been a favorite among many for years, and his soothing voice will be sure to put you into relaxation mode. Even before ASMR evolved, most people were listening to the soothing voice of Bob Ross’s painting. Today he has got 5.17 million subscribers with 502 videos on his YouTube Channel

Now, do you know how much does ASMRtists make? Believe it or not, Bob Ross has an estimated net worth of millions of dollars. He is one of the most followed ASMRtists out there. There are many reasons for Bob Ross’ popularity, but one of the main reasons is that his videos are extremely calming and relaxing.

Bob Ross Best ASMR - Top 5 Picks

If you’re looking for a little bit of Bob Ross in your life, you may feel lost in the ASMR relaxation videos collection. Now there are tons of new videos from the Bob YouTube channel that we recommend checking out. Here for you we have got Bob Ross’s Best ASMR 5 Picks!

#1 The Grandeur Of Summer

A wonderful Bob Ross video to start our list with. This one is great if you’re looking for some relaxation. Watch as Bob paints snow-capped mountains and trees over a still lake with his soothing voice. This is one of the few full episodes uploaded, making it an instant ASMR classic!

You can almost smell the paint in this video - enjoy yourself while you’re painting your own world at home or office space today. That painting is so cute! It looks like a winter wonderland. The video makes everyone feel calm and relaxed when watching it. Not to mention that the sound effects are amazing too—especially with all those snow-capped mountains in view.

#2 Island In The Wilderness

This video is a little different than the first one. It’s set in a jungle with palm trees and a river running through it. Watch as a painting masterfully transforms from start to finish, in this first episode of season 29.

The sounds of the jungle and the trickling river in the background are pretty soothing, and this video is a great one to watch. It has over 39 million views and is currently one-of-a-kind on Bob Ross’s YouTube channel!

#3 A Walk In The Woods

Watching the first episode of Bob Ross’s painting videos is a must for any art lover. The sound in this video doesn’t have as high quality, but it has some really good ASMR when he’s not talking or singing!

This video is just lovely, set in a forest with tall trees and a babbling brook. The soft light of the setting sun casts a warm glow on the autumn leaves as Bob begins to paint. This video is a shorter one, but it’s a great one to watch.

#2 Reflections Of Calm

This video makes me feel calm and serene. It is so beautiful here, with crystal clear water over black rocks. The music that goes along with this perfectly matches the mood of what you see on screen too - something about rain or ocean waves lapping at your feet as night falls reveal themselves one by one in front of us then silence afterward until next time when they come back again.

In this video, Bob Ross paints a calm and peaceful landscape of a still lake with mountains in the background. The video has great sound effects and a very calming atmosphere. This video is great for people who like to watch Bob Ross paint landscapes.

#1 Moonlit Dune Keeping The Bob Ross Dream Alive

A tribute to Bob Ross! This video is a compilation of clips from different episodes all put together to the song “keep the Bob Ross dream alive”. This is a great video for people who want to see some of Bob Ross’s best work. The video is set to music, and it is a great compilation of clips from different episodes.

Watch as Nic Hankins teaches you how to paint a radiant moon, blue ocean waves, and slippery sand dunes. With simple instructions that preserve the harmonic balance between joy and painting, he’ll have your canvas looking like it was done by someone who knows what they’re doing in no time!

Bob Ross, the host of “The Joy Of Painting” on PBS between 1983 and 1994 is now one of YouTube’s most iconic figures. His casual painting style stood out from his competitors who were seen in primetime at that time period - all while he coined any mistakes made by viewers as ‘Happy Accidents’.

Bob Ross Best Asmr videos

You can find ASMR triggers in his videos. His tone is deep, tranquil, and soothing to the ears with its authoritative presence that makes you feel secure about yourself when watching one of his YouTube channels for relaxation purposes or even just general entertainment value! You’ll get personalized attention from him as well thanks to all these things combined- there are brushes & dragging sounds which particular type many people enjoy during their viewing experience too.

Final Thoughts - Bob Ross Best ASMR Videos

Bob Ross is a great painter to watch if you’re looking for ASMR triggers. He has a deep, calming voice and paints beautiful landscapes that are very soothing to watch. His videos are a great way to relax and relieve stress. We highly recommend watching his videos if you’re looking for some ASMR content.

There are a variety of sounds in his videos- from the ‘wet on wet’ technique that he pioneered to the sound of his voice and the various brushes he uses. ASMR-seekers who watch Bob Ross often find that his content is some of the most calming and satisfying they’ve ever encountered. Is he the best ASMR artist? You decide!