How Much Do ASMR YouTubers Make?

Updated on March 02, 2024

Are you wondering how much do ASMR YouTubers make? Some people are curious to know if online personalities can make a living out of doing what they love - like making videos for YouTube. There are many different types of personalities on YouTube; some don’t show their face, speak or even move in their videos (referred to as ’ASMRtists’). Some people think that ASMR is a sexual thing (which it isn’t) and others see the videos as art.

Some YouTubers share how much money they make with their fans, while others prefer to keep it private; either because they don’t want to disclose specific details, or because they are shy. Whether or not ASMR is regarded as a real job, some people are earning second incomes off of their work!

There is good news for those of you who have had a strange tingling feeling in your head when viewing a certain scene in a film or video on YouTube. First of all, you’re in excellent company here. Second, the sensation described above has a name. Last but not least, the folks behind these fascinating films are getting paid well!

Joe from MassageASMR earns between £6,000 and £10,000 (around $7,500 and $12,500 USD) each month.

Mikhal from the ASMR Gamer channel makes a living off of becoming a full-time YouTuber. He has earned more than £40,000 (about $50,000 USD). Other popular gamers include Tingle Therapy Gaming and The ASMR Gamer.

The ASMR Angel has confirmed that she makes at least £1,000 (around $1,250 USD) each month.

Shiroi Kusaka from the Gentle Whispering channel also makes around £1,000 (about $1,250 USD).

ASMR Requests is run by an adult male who regularly shares how much money he makes with his fans. He claims to have made £20,000 in the past couple of years (around $25,000 USD).

BuzzFeed has published a list of ‘The Best ASMRtists To Follow On YouTube’ and included Maria from the Gentle Whispering channel. She created her channel in 2009 and has earned about £1,000 (around $1,250 USD) each month since she started.

Some of the most popular ASMRtists to follow or like include: MassageASMR, Maria from GentleWhispering, TinglexLove (Cadence), Cosmic Tingles (Jessica), Ephemeral Rift, and ASMR Requests.

how much do asmr youtubers make

How Do ASMRtists Make Money?

If you’re wondering how do ASMR YouTubers make money, there are two main ways of earning a living from their work: receiving fan donations and running Patreon campaigns.

Fan Donations

Some people choose to donate when they watch an individual’s videos or after they finish an entire playlist; this is usually the preferred method of tipping. The donations may be sent via PayPal or through other payment processors such as Paysafecard and Skrill (Moneybookers) - like the ones used on Child’s Play Charity to donate money to children in hospitals around the world.

The ASMR Star has used fan donations as a key source of income for several years. In one year alone, the channel’s earnings reached £6,000 (around $7,500 USD).

Donations vary from around £1 ($1.50 USD) to a maximum of a few hundred pounds per month. It really depends on how much people can afford and how generous they are!

Patreon Campaigns

Some ASMRtists have started to use Patreon campaigns as a source of income. Patreon is a platform that allows people to make monthly donations by pledging small amounts of money. Pledges can be made in exchange for rewards, which are periodically sent out to patrons depending on how much they have pledged.

In return for donations, the following ASMRtists offer rewards: Audiomolecule gives out signed prints of his album artwork to people who pledge £3 ($4 USD) or more, while Lindsey from ASMR Glow offers a range of different ‘gifts’ in exchange for monthly pledges. Rarely do YouTubers offer tangible gifts for subscribers, but some will try anything to keep fans interested!

One of the Most Popular ASMRtists on Patreon is Maria from Gentle Whispering. She charges around £7 ($10 USD) per video and has earned over £5,000 (or $6,700 USD) in just two years. Other popular ASMRtists on Patreon include Ephemeral Rift (£2.22/$3 USD per video) and WhisperAudios (£5.66/$8 USD for three videos).

How Do You Earn Money from ASMR?

So, how do you earn money from ASMR? The most popular way of making money is by running a YouTube channel and monetizing your videos. You can also upload onto video-sharing sites such as Vimeo, but you won’t be able to make money from them directly.

Another way is by selling your own branded merchandise such as T-shirts, mugs, and phone cases; some ASMRtists even sell customized photos for their fans. If you’re good at cooking, why not sell some ASMR-inspired food on your Etsy store?

If you want to make money from ASMR videos but don’t want to run your own channel or go into business by yourself, then there are other options. You can sign up with an established company that pays its workers for their video performances.

how much do asmr youtubers make

How Much Do ASMRtists Earn from Paid Jobs?

The payments offered by these companies vary depending on a number of factors including your experience, the company that you’re working for, and how much they’ve already invested in marketing. However, most video makers begin somewhere between £8 ($10 USD) to £10 ($13 USD) per hour.

ASMRtists who have a large number of subscribers and high-performance ratings will earn more money than those with a small number of followers or poor reviews. It’s all about the numbers!

Another way to make money is by starting your own ASMR business, but it can be time-consuming and costly. This involves investing money into your own branded logo and website - which can be a lot of work if you don’t have the knowledge or expertise to do it yourself!

It’s all about finding a way that works for you, finding what interests you, and becoming an expert at it. Maybe you could start making videos in your local area and start your own ASMR tour guide service!

The most important thing is to remember that you should never let money get in the way of what you love and enjoy doing. If you’re good at making videos, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a way to make some extra cash from it.