The Best ASMR Ideas That Can Lift Off Your Career

Updated on August 14, 2023

The Tensioned community on YouTube has been in a place where trends and popular ASMR videos exist. Recently, this trend gained momentum worldwide. So, what are the best ASMR ideas? Let’s find out!

Some words spoken in a certain way lead us towards relaxation due to what is called autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR). This phenomenon can be seen all around social media platforms such as Instagram stories for example which creates feelings among users when they watch certain types of video content; some may even call them enjoyment.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR is a new trend that some people find relaxing, while others use it as an opportunity for self-expression. ASMR uses sound and music techniques to make you fall asleep or increase your focus; the YouTube bloggers who promote this movement have mushroomed over recent years with videos targeting every aspect of our routine lives connected together promoting these ideas.

Why Is It Addictive?

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Who hasn’t been addicted to ASMR videos? The Internet is flooded with them. These short clips of sound, mostly from a person’s voice or objects in the background (like cutting soap), can really help you relax when watching them on YouTube! There are tons out there that vary depending on what genre they filmed.

The best way to create ASMR videos is by playing around with your voice and altering its tone, style, or mood. You can be someone else for this exercise which will help you get into the character’s mindset more easily than if it were just yourself on camera!

The Best ASMR Ideas


Whispering is the technique of choice for any event that needs to captivate audiences. It’s often used in advertising because it can be so subtle, almost unnoticed by its listeners - until you notice how much emotion has been infused into your words or thoughts without even saying anything out loud!

Scratching and Tapping

When I draw a line on the blackboard with rough edges of chalk, it sounds so much louder and scarier than if you used smooth stones. My difficulty is that for those who are trying to pay attention in class this noise can be really annoying whereas others will find these noises relieving because they do not mind what sound comes out from their mouth as long it is not too loud or distracting.

  • Scratching wooden chairs versus tapping cupboards; there’s an interesting contrast.


This technique is a manifestation of many sounds. Blowing on the whistle or through pipes, using straws for liquids- all evidence that this trigger can be effective in helping people feel loved by audiences! With ASMR coming up soon with its viewers looking to receive unbridled love from their peers through these videos too; it’s not hard to see how one could spend hours every day trying out different methods until they find ones which work best for you (and maybe even make money off your success).


The feel of paper, the smell from spines that have been scanned countless times before - it’s all masquerading as ASMR. This trigger can make you feel calm and peaceful with an awkward tranquil feeling rejuvenating your experience in ways other media don’t provide.

Paying attention

If you’re looking for some light-hearted fun then these videos are perfect. They feature an array of role plays that have found many takers, and even portray the host in extravagant clothing without making any bones about it! The only thing I can say is refreshing after a long day at work or school - being able to escape into another world where nothing matters except accepting what comes next. Surely, it will make your mood replenish itself quickly with dreaming up new ways.

Clicking sounds

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Keyboards are the truth of life. Whether you love them or hate the sound, they’re an aspect that can’t be denied in today’s world where we all use keyboards for everything from typing up words on our computers to playing games with friends online! The clicking noise made by these devices is one thing I don’t mind at all because it provides me relief when feeling stressed out - hearing something soothing after being exposed to too much loud music makes sense right?

Concentration On a Job

In our society, we are all too often conditioned by social media and other forms of mass communication to think that the only way to be interesting or important is if there’s some kind of all-out adventure. But what would life really feel like without any spice? Take this task: go out into nature and just sit down with your laptop for an hour! It doesn’t matter how long it takes you - anything can happen during those times when you’re offline from technology (unless your battery dies). It will drain out any stress caused in the back of your head.


Imagine the buzzing of a honey bee. It’s soothing at times, but also irritating when you’re trying to fall asleep and it keeps on going for hours! The sound is derived from everything such as razors or vibrating brushes - which means there are endless opportunities with this ASMR content if we want them though- so keep your exploring side activated while making sure these techniques work.

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