Best Way To Enjoy ASMR

Updated on February 09, 2024

We all want to feel good about ourselves. And if there’s a way for us, as individuals and communities of people with shared interests or concerns (whether those be personal growth topics like mindfulness meditation; environmental issues such as climate change), then perhaps it’s worth exploring because everyone deserves happiness after all! So, what is the best way to enjoy ASMR? Read on to know.

The 15 Best Ways to Enjoy ASMR

These will send you into an almost trancelike state where your mind is free from thoughts, unlike any other sound.


These sounds are often lax and intended to provide the ultimate calming experience.

The perfect background for a long flight, these clips can be found anywhere from nature sounds of waves crashing onshore or birds singing in a tree; there are even ones that remind us of our childhoods with toy cars slowing accelerating past houses before coming back again around minute thirty-two!


Whispering may be the most communal ASMR trigger. People often experience feelings of serenity and easing when they listen to this type of voice, as recently studied by Trusted Source magazine.

It’s also thought that simple sounds like these can help with nap issues because there is nothing more relaxing than having someone speak gently into your ear while you sit back in your office chair feeling safe from all worries!


Whispering and blowing sounds have been found to be one of the most effective ASMR triggers. Whisper-like tones that sound like gentle winds will lead you off into sweet slumber, while loud thumps may cause stress or irritation in some people who cannot stand them!


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There’s a lot of controversy around ASMR triggers, but if you want to experience the sound and feel for yourself then scratch away! It may not be popular among everyone because some people find it irritating or distracting. However, I bet those who like this type would agree that metal scraping on microphones produces an interesting effect which can range from tingling heads down right relaxation as well excitement depending upon how deep they go with their nails.


This is a type of ASMR that involves the sound of nails beating on various planes, including crystal and timber. The most popular form for this trigger in online videos because it promotes relaxation with its gentle tune-like rhythm while also providing some relief from anxiety or stress symptoms like headache pain when played softly enough not to be heard by others around you who might think what they’re hearing was caused by something else entirely.


Typing ASMR can help with concentration, and some people use the sound of their typing to go off to sleep.


Some people find the sound of someone humming annoying. For others, it can be soothing and relaxing like they’ll lullaby you into sleep with their song! You’ll just have to try it out to see what works best for your personality.


how to make asmr food

While there is some crossover within this activate and the Korean idea of mukbang, a shared eating involvement where film viewers respond by encouraging or scolding - but most importantly, providing sounds for enjoyment. Eating ASMR emphasizes more on what people say when they eat; whether it’s loud crunching noises like strong chewing gum being consumed slowly through immense hunger pangs.

Sticky Fingers

As the sound of fingers tapping on a surface, sticky ASMR is precisely what it sounds like. People sometimes place their hands in honey or use other substances to make them stickier for longer periods so that they can listen intently without getting distracted by anything else going on around them- even if you’re trying your hardest not to focus!

Water Drops

The sound of water is relaxing and has the potential to improve your sleep. it will put you to sleep in no time.


Personal Care

To help release pressure and get better sleep, personal care ASMR videos are perfect. The creator will speak to you directly while touching or making contact with their eyes near the lens of your camera in order to create an intimate atmosphere that relaxes viewers almost instantly!


Enact ASMR also known as Role-play includes putting yourself forward-facing in a naturally soothing scenario. Think hair salon or spa, then you’re on the precise track!

In some cases it may be more appropriate for someone else’s voice (a doctor perhaps) to speak with certain types of instruments while performing these acts—this will help make them feel less personal than just doing such things oneself. Why? because after all there are always other humans around us making noises that can affect our sanity, but this isn’t necessary at all times so don’t worry.

Watching Someone Concentrate

Painting and studying are two common triggers for ASMR, which can be soothing to watch. Painting in particular often has a calming effect on those who experience it because of the sound brushstrokes make when applied with paintbrushes or other tools alike; combined these elements create an alluring melody that soothes your soul as you sit there watching!

Color Swatching

This is the perfect video for anyone who loves soft sounds and makeup. The absence of harsh textures or loud colors makes it more calming than most ASMR content, which can get overwhelming at times with its repetitive patterns! checkout these ASMR podcasts as well.

Light Patterns

There’s something about the soft lights and soothing sounds in these videos that makes me feel so relaxed. It must be those relaxing visuals!