ASMR Script For Relaxation

Updated on February 23, 2022

The written article below is an ASMR script for helping one be relaxed.

Yes, please come in.

Oh, hello there. You’re the three o’clock appointment, aren’t you?

Shut the door behind you, please.

Please take a seat. On the couch, please. No, it’s because it’s for appointments such as this that it appears so comfortable.

That’s it. I’ll give you a minute to read over the paperwork your therapist sent me before continuing. Please feel free to browse around.

OK, according to the form, you’re here for a session. Do you see that? Your therapist recognized your anxiety and mood swings. It’s completely logical. These days, everyone desires so much; isn’t it true? There never appears to be sufficient time to relax, always something else to do. I compare them to ants in a colony: they all want the same thing, but there’s never enough of anything (time).

Do you think differently? That’s OK. Everyone has their personal views.

That’s very nice of you to say, and I appreciate it. Then I’ll make sure we have enough time together.

Since you got here, you’ve been looking at the clock every second. Are you interested in it?

It’s a one-of-a-kind wall-mounted type created by one of my former patients. He’s a clock-making person by trade, and I helped him make it as a way of showing his appreciation—he majors in making clocks with louder or quieter ticking. I’m partial to a softer tick myself while working.

The form looks fantastic. Before we begin, I’ll close the curtains by the window. When patients turn off the lights to go to bed, they prefer a darker area, such as when they shut the door to their bedroom.

That’s it. Is there sufficient light to see?

Do you require a drink of water before we begin? No? OK.

What am I about to do to you? It should be self-evident; I’ll assist you to relax by whatever method is most effective for you. I might use many different approaches: conversation, guided, and use many different “hypnosis.” When I said it, you acted like you understood what it meant.

Do you want to be hypnotized? Have you ever been under hypnosis?

It will be more difficult for me if someone has attempted to put you under hypnosis and failed.

Have you ever been hypnotized before? No? All right, then. Do you want me to hypnotize you and inf out if it doesn’t work? It might be beneficial to try it out.

Alright. I appreciate that.

Let’s get this party started with a few deep breaths, in and out. In and out is simple, right?

A gesture is sufficient, but you do not need to talk. Breathe.

In Out. It’s fantastic.

I believe you may manage your breathing. I’ll assist you here; I will say the numbers “One” and “Two” again and again. Breathe in when I say, “One,” and out when I say, “Two.”

Ready? Yes. Two. One, two, three, four

Great. Let’s keep this up. One. Two.

Shift your position in the chair as you breathe. One, two Three, relax a bit more.

One. Two. Easy. One. Two. Relax.

Is it possible to keep the rhythm going on your own? Repeat those figures to yourself.

Relax. Relax.

Remember those figures, One and Two? Isn’t it simple to recall?

That’s fantastic; all you need to do is nod. Nothing else needs to be done at this time.

It’s all right. You’re OK here.

Relax. Inhale. Relax. Exhale.

Please press your back against the chair for me. That’s excellent.

Slide down the chair a bit. That’s excellent.

As you move down, feel your back muscles relax. Feel those muscles expand and relax. Stretch and relax.

Isn’t it nice to sit down and relax? It’s OK if you do so.

If it’s all the same to you, I’d appreciate it if you could nod your head.

Thank you. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone. I will assist you in relaxing even more deeply.

Take a minute to unwind on yourself right now. Maintain that beat, and in a moment, we’ll delve further.

Alright, let’s go on. Retain your eyes agape, please.

Now, pay attention to the wall clock as well. Do you recall it?

Yes, it’s still making the exact back-and-forth noise. Tick-tock, tick-tock. Always moving forward, not stopping; keeping track of each time, it occurs. There are two sounds to the wall clock and just two numbers for your breathing: one and two. Tick. Tock

One. Tick. Two. Tock.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Back and forth. Tick and Tock. One and two. They blend in so nicely, don’t they? It’s effortless to mix them.

Inhale Tick. Tock.

Exhale Tick. Tock.

One. Tick. Two. Tock.

Forward and backward Two. Ticks. One. Inhale.

Two. Ticks. One. Exhale.

Great. Just relax.

Recline to the chair.

Re. Lax. Even. More. Listen. To. My. Voice.

My. Voice. It helps you relax.

Two. Ticks. One. Breath.

Two. Ticks. One. Breath.

One, In. Two. Out.

One, In. Two. Out.

Good. That’s how I like it. It feels good. To hear me talk.

Hear my voice. My voice is assisting you. My voice is soothing.

Keep. Listening. One. Two. In, out.

Your hands are now soft. One by one, all in sequence, all according to the clock and your inhales. Isn’t it true that you feel them happen as I speak the words? If you’re nodding yes, please nod for me once again.

Two ticks, then take in one breath.

Your muscles begin to feel looser and lighter. You’re more at peace and calmer. The sensation spreads with a reason, demonstrating a clear objective. It realizes what it wants; you know what it wants. And you want it to occur.

One. Two. Relax.

Exhale. In and out. We’re almost done now. Please pay attention to my voice as we proceed into the last stage.

Counting down from five, I will now begin. Step by step, you’ll be more and more relaxed. And with each new stage, your anxiety will grow less.

Five. Your body is incomplete repose as you breathe. In and out, a tick to a breath.

Four. Your eyelids droop, and you become sleepy.

Three. There are two quick breaths in a match. Your eyes are becoming heavy, but they’re fighting to stay open as I speak.

Two. The heart, in its calmness and peace. That’s what you desire. That is what I have done for you.

One. Right now, you’re so very close. Your eyes are not yet open right now. You’re eager to take that last step.

Zero. Relax. Relax. Relax.

Nod, please. That’s excellent. Pay close attention.

I would have allowed you to sleep even more, but our appointment time has passed. Let’s finish this up and get back to your life. But before you go, I have one more thing for you. Tonight, write down what you felt during our session on this piece of paper and give it to your regular therapist to examine.

Thank you very much. Your therapist is aware of this, so you may write anything you want for them. You may rely on them to comprehend what you’re saying, just as I will be able to assist you again.

Have a lovely afternoon.