ASMR Videos Can Help You Reduce Anxiety? - Know Why

Updated on March 28, 2024

ASMR is the acronym for alternative sensory stimulation and the phenomenon of relaxing sounds to help you relax. You can listen to any ASMR video on YouTube or your favorite podcast app. ASMR videos are meant to help you sleep and reduce anxiety. Many people find that these videos help them cope with chronic pain, insomnia, and stress. But why? What’s the science behind ASMR? This article will teach you about what makes an ASMR video so relaxing and how it can be a helpful tool for calming down your mind and body.

What is ASMR?

ASMR video

ASMR stands for alternative sensory stimulation. ASMR videos are relaxing, soft, and repetitive sounds that help you relax your body and mind. The sound is meant to imitate the feeling of a soothing massage or other calming experiences. These videos are often used to treat stress and anxiety, chronic pain, insomnia, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other problems.

What makes an ASMR video so relaxing?

ASMR videos are made to help people relax and reduce stress. Many people have found that these videos help them sleep better, have fewer nightmares, and decrease anxiety.

The noises in ASMR videos are meant to trigger specific brain responses that promote relaxation in the listener. These triggers could be noise such as a soft voice, rustling paper, or touching sounds.

The sound is supposed to stir up the feeling of tingles on your scalp or back of your neck; many people find these sensations very relaxing. These sounds need to be repetitive because it helps the brain get used to them and eventually associate them with feelings of relaxation.

Why do people listen to ASMR videos?

ASMR videos are made to help people relax. The sounds in these videos are meant to simulate the feeling of having a person whisper or softly speak near your ear. This creates a sense of calmness that many find relaxing and soothing. People listen to these videos with their eyes closed or while they’re doing other things like cooking, cleaning, or taking care of kids.

What are the effects of listening to an ASMR video?

The sounds experienced in an ASMR video are designed to be relaxing and trigger the release of serotonin and dopamine. When you watch an ASMR video, your brain releases endorphins that give you a natural feeling of well-being.

This means the video could help reduce stress and anxiety levels by triggering a sense of calm in your mind.

But listening to an ASMR video isn’t just about relaxation. Some people use these videos as a sleep aid because they lull you into a sense of sleepiness without disrupting your breathing or having other side effects like taking sleeping pills or using melatonin supplements.

Some people also find that these videos help them deal with chronic pain by blocking outside noise and providing hands-free stimulation.

There’s plenty of science behind why ASMR videos can be so effective for calming down your body, mind, and soul.

How can you use ASMR videos to reduce anxiety?

ASMR videos are meant to help you relax, whether it’s before bed or when you need a break. But how do they make you feel? The science behind ASMR videos is that they provide what people call a “brain massage.”

They use particular acoustic frequencies that resonate with your brain so that the sounds help restore balance in your head and body. This can help people recover from chronic pain, insomnia, and stress while reducing anxiety symptoms.

You can also use ASMR videos as a tool for treating someone else who is dealing with these issues. By watching an ASMR video with someone else, you could help them relax and de-stress their mind and body.

This article is about ASMR (alternative sensory stimulation) videos reducing anxiety in people who watch them.

They deliver calming sounds to those who listen to them on YouTube or podcasts app on their phone.

How can you use ASMR videos for sleep?

One of the most common things people use ASMR videos for is sleep. People tend to listen to these videos while falling asleep or right before they go to bed. The sound of a woman speaking softly in a foreign language, someone tapping on a microphone, or soft scratching sounds all make you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Another way people listen to an ASMR video is as a mindfulness tool. These videos are meant to help you focus your mind. They can also be used if you have an anxiety disorder like social anxiety disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). If you can’t fall asleep or don’t want to meditate because it makes your thoughts too messy, then an ASMR video is for you!

How can you use ASMR videos for stress management?

When an ASMR video is playing in the background, you can use it as a tool for stress management. You can use ASMR videos to distract yourself from your thoughts and reduce anxiety before bed or during other moments when you feel anxious or stressed. Imagine watching one of these videos while lying awake in bed and listening to the sound of soft whispering, water, or tapping.

You must listen to an ASMR video at a volume that allows you to hear and feel comfortable. For example, suppose someone has their headphones on and is watching a YouTube video that sounds too loud.

In that case, the person may be unable to enjoy the relaxing sounds of the video because it’s too uncomfortable for them. As such, you must find your ideal volume for an ASMR video so that it helps calm your mind and body without being too loud or too soft.


You can learn more about this phenomenon by watching any of your favorite ASMR videos on YouTube or listening to your favorite podcast app. You might find these videos helpful if you’re trying to sleep or cope with chronic pain or insomnia due to stress.