Best 12 ASMR Artists (ASMRtists) On Youtube

Updated on February 02, 2024

What comes to mind when you hear the term ASMR; something relaxing or tingly? For most people, these feelings are associated with the sound of a relaxing voice whispering or tapping. It may be so pleasurable for those who experience this sensation that they need to calm down physically. That’s where ASMR artists come in. The best ASMR artists on YouTube create videos that help their viewers relax and fall asleep through soothing sounds such as whispering, tapping, soft-spoken words, or even playing music.

Here are some of the best ASMR artists on YouTube.

Best ASMR Artists On YouTube

ASMRtist is a term given to those who create videos that help their viewers relax and fall asleep through a soothing sound. Here are some of the best ASMR artists on YouTube:

  • Somnium ASMR

Somnium is one of the most popular ASMRtists on YouTube. She has over 890,000 subscribers and has been uploading videos for over three years. Her videos range from whispering to tapping to soft-spoken words and more. Most of her videos include an ear cleaning aspect, which she operates herself. Her fans adore Somnium for her soft voice, caring nature, and ASMR techniques.

  • Angelica’s Magical Sleep World

As the name makes clear, Angelica’s Magical Sleep World specializes in giving her audience a great sleep experience through the use of soft-spoken whispering and ASMR sounds like crinkling and tapping along with some ambient music and another popular technique: ear cleaning.

Angelica shares that she has had insomnia since she was a small child and learned to drift off nicely with classical music until a friend showed her ASMR videos. Since then, she stated that these videos have been very healing for her overall health as her mood has grown better. Aside from YouTube, she also has an active forum on Reddit.

She answers questions related to sleep hygiene and how to tackle insomnia safely, thus getting problems fixed naturally instead of relying on harsh drugs that may come along with dangerous side effects.

  • TheWaterWhispers

This ASMRtist specializes in another body part that is often overlooked: The feet. TheWaterWhispers states that she has been interested in freckled feet since she was a teen and has had the immense pleasure of running her massage studio in the past and so applying this talent to her YouTube videos was natural to relax the audience further into her semi toe-wiggling ASMR sounds that may have added role-playing elements such as her partner being gone on a business trip. Therefore, she can not get massages while he is away, even with his asking if she would like to and applying tea tree oil foot soak to them, which naturally smells pleasant.

She also leans more towards a young female demographic for her viewers, which may explain why it appeals to so many younger people, including teenagers, especially those suffering from anxiety and self-esteem issues like acne or the start of their menstrual cycle.

  • The Whispering Room

The Whispering Room is another popular ASMRtist on YouTube with over 750,000 subscribers and has been making videos since 2009. In addition to his videos calming the viewer down, he also makes funny videos that often involve babies or animals.

  • Gibi ASMR

She creates some of the best ASMR content in the ASMR community and shares many of her experiences with viewers on her website.

She is mainly a role-playing-based ASMRtist, though not as heavy on the role play as others. Her videos typically only have low whispering and tapping included.

Gibi also performs nails tapping on different surfaces with different items, from pots to spoons, then even piggy banks! The different sounds that this creates when used across multiple surfaces put her above other ASMRtists!

Gibi has over 4.0M subscribers as of February 2022 and continues to grow every day as more and more turn to YouTube for relaxation.

  • Tingting

Tingting dispenses with top-notch tingles, offering a versatile array of reasonably priced videos guided by an anonymous, Chinese-accented voice. The combination of her distinctly Chinese accent and her voice often put people in a trance-like state, allowing for ASMR to take over and let subscribers find peace, relaxation, and sleep. Tingting specializes in cranial massage using facial muscles.

She also uses rubbing and tapping techniques to help viewers sink felt-softly into the video presentation package. Her quietness and accent considerably lower the acuteness, draw more attention to what is being said, and enhance the atmosphere.

  • ASMR Glow

She keeps a low volume, with a relaxing voice and accent, speaking to the viewers about their stress and combating it. Her attention to the people in her life and her other efforts towards a healthy lifestyle – she does impressions of bending and stretching to channel that energy into healing techniques instead of “bad habits.”

She presents gentle cleavage shots, hand energy techniques, and intentions involving her values and inspirations.

  • Ashur ASMR

Not only is he visually attractive, but his voice, style of speaking, and mannerisms are also attractive, making him one of the most attractive ASMRtists!

He prefers video formats where there are videos with some activity or activity-like setting, such as going through bins with objects inside them or packaged boxes opened up.

He’s the kind of person that likes spending all night organizing things around his workshop because he understands all the components that come together to make an object.

  • ASMR Darling

Her specialty is giving suggestions about what she is doing and for the viewers to do simultaneously. She does a variety of hands-on demonstrations and unique durations from massage videos. Most ASMRtists specialize in one thing or use prevalent criteria.

Still, ASMR Darling has found time and dedication to helping people with all the aspects of their lives in just 15 minutes (for her videos covering sleep, stress, Adderall effectiveness, etc.) like shortening ads that make people want to commit suicide.

She is generous with her knowledge by offering tips like quick tricks (such as cutting down on frustrating pain by tricking your brain), as well as general contentment for people who may just be bored with their jobs or not too fond of where they live and how it affects them.