Who Is The Best ASMR Artist? - Top 12 Asmrtist

Updated on March 29, 2024

Who is your favorite ASMR artist? Whether you know them as an ASMRtist or a Whisperer, these performers are the ones that provide some truly unique sensations for their audience. We’ve watched hours of videos, conducted surveys, and listened to just as much audio, to create a list of the best twelve ASMR artists.

Do you know why people enjoy listening to ASMR voices? Fans of the unique sensation that ASMR provides, often create a habit out of seeking similar stimuli to help them relax and fall asleep.

What Is ASMR?

ASMR, short for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, is a sensory phenomenon that typically involves a relaxing and calming sensation starting from the crown of your head and moving down your body. There isn’t much research on the subject at this time, but anecdotally, many people that experience this feeling report that it can be very helpful for stress and insomnia. Are you interested in digging more about ASMR and its unique facts?

There are two types of triggers: External and Internal. An external stimulus means somebody is making direct noise or gestures toward you – like a scratch on the back, or somebody whispering in your ear. By contrast, an internal trigger exists only as thoughts and memories in your own mind – like imagining somebody playing with your hair. Do you know which ASMR is best for you?

Who Is The Best ASMR Artist- 12 Best Channels

ASRM is still a fairly new phenomenon but it’s already popular among many countries across the world. Although there are hundreds of different ASMR artists, we have reviewed twelve from which you can choose your favorite performer. Before you begin watching these videos, get comfortable, have some patience, dim the lights, and get ready for 10 minutes of relaxation!

who is the best asmr artist today

We considered dozens of factors in ranking these channels; things like video quality and an overall number of subscribers, but we also looked closely at the number of views each video had. The goal was to find which artists produced the best content while also attracting the most fans. So, we’re counting down our list of the top 12 ASRM artists that can be found on YouTube:

#12 Asmr Glow

Subscribers: 1.59 million

Glow is one of the most talented ASMR artists, with a soft-spoken voice that’s perfect for soothing your nerves. She also does makeup tutorials on YouTube and vlogs about life as an influencer in pop culture society!

#11 Gibi Asmr

Subscribers: 4.03 million

Gibi is a popular artist with millions of subscribers. She creates videos that are both long and engaging, which makes them perfect for relaxation purposes! Her cosplay work done on the camera allows viewers to get close-up views they wouldn’t otherwise be able to see while exploring different worlds inside their head through virtual reality headsets like Oculus Rift or Google Cardboard.

#10 Gentle Whispering

Subscribers: 2.15 million

If you want to be taken on a journey by an ASMR video, there is no better place than Russia’s Maria Viktorovna. With 21 million views and counting ‘GentleWhispering’ continues to turn curious browsers into hardcore enthusiasts all over the world!

For those who have not yet experienced this top-shelf experience for themselves; I would recommend giving her videos. She provides tingle-inducing experiences to those who watch that will leave you feeling relaxed yet energized in no time at all.

#9 Tingting ASMR

Subscribers: 2.12 million

Tingting’s videos are a veritable polymathic feast for the senses. From cosmetology to hygiene, she covers everything from A-Z in her niche genre of role-playing and more! Her channel has grown exponentially since its inception. She interacts directly with viewers while they await their turn in line at one of her many courses so you can learn how to do anything else just like this amazing woman does it herself-and better than any professional therapist could ever hope to!

#8 Asmr Darling

Subscribers: 2.54 million

This darling is a wildly successful ASMRtist. Using anywhere from 20-100 triggers within the given time frame, she calmly lulls you into various states of euphoria.  Her videos give an exceptionally grounding experience for those who simply can’t afford to miss a day out of their busy schedules!

#7 Latte Asmr

Subscribers: 1.76 million

The world of Latte ASMR is a welcoming one with audio triggers and cosmetics are just some of the gifts that await you.  As a successful ASRMtist, she provides hours of entertainment for those looking to have their minds taken on a journey into another world. It’s delivered with softspoken friendliness from start to finish as if its most popular quality weren’t already clear enough!

#6 Goodnight Moon

Subscribers: 894k

Dreamy and enchanting, Goodnight Moon’s series will take you on an adventure like no other. Spin into a world of fantasy with her Babblebrook Series! There are very few who have the ability to create award-winning films for use in ASMR, but she is one of them. She is a must-see for anyone who loves the wizarding world of Harry Potter!

#5 Ephemeral Rift

Subscribers: 1.05M

Ephemeral Rift is one of the most well-known ASMR artists on YouTube. His relaxing nature videos have made him an internet sensation with millions of subscribers and counting! In addition to creating captivating content for his viewers, this top draw also dispenses plenty of comic relief in between tunes which makes them all that more inviting than ever before!

#4 Foodielicious Asmr

Subscribers: 401k

Foodies will enjoy the ASMR food experience with this channel. With 335 videos all you need is your favorite food! The collection includes several recipes that sound absolutely delicious- especially for those who love trying new things on their daily diet lifestyle (or just because!). You can also find international dishes from other countries like Canada or Australia; it’s cool how diverse our taste buds are when we eat these foods in different parts of the world.

#3 Jojo’s ASMR

Subscribers: 2.12 million

Jojo’s ASMR first picked up the practice as a means of obtaining some much-needed sleep. His soothing voice and various techniques like piano skills or card tricks that will have you drooling within seconds are here to save us all from an exhausting day!

#2 Softlygaloshes Asmr

Subscribers: 403k

When Rebekah Smith was struggling with anxiety and depression, she created her first ASMR video. Now one of YouTube’s best artists for this type of content on the site. Which can be tough to watch at times but also incredibly therapeutic. You will find that there is a way through it all when you enter Softlygaloshes’ world; where your troubles will seem less daunting due in large part because they’re just so darn friendly!

#1 Asmrsurge

Subscribers: 2.12 million

ASMRSurge’s videos are a great way to find your exact trigger. He’ll take you through different sounds, from leaves crunching on the ground all the way up into something as relaxing and calming for many people- wood kindling!