ASMR Voice Whispering - Why Do People Enjoy Listening?

Updated on February 18, 2024

Many people love listening to ASMR recordings. Not everyone can experience it, but some people find that listening to a recording of someone whispering or speaking softly can help relax them and take their minds off of things for a few minutes at a time. Whispers and soft sounds are soothing, which is why so many people enjoy ASMR audio or ASMR voice whispers.

Why do some people find these recordings relaxing?  The growing popularity of ASMR voice whispering and its various effects is becoming an increasingly popular research subject in the scientific community. This article will introduce you to ASMR voice whispering and why people enjoy listening to it.

Read on to find out more about this exciting phenomenon!

What is ASMR Voice Whispering?

ASMR voice whispering is when you are listening to the sounds of someone quietly whispering. These sounds - the quiet gasps, the whispers, and whimpers, can relax your body because they make you feel like they are giving a massage to your head to relieve your pains.

Many people who enjoy listening to whispers say it also puts them into a hypnotic state. The microphone in a whisper recording will gradually get louder as it overlaps with stronger feelings of relaxation that you might be feeling at one point. Some people like what this feels like and will find themselves more relaxed than ever before after listening to this recording for just a little bit of time.

These recordings can be found on YouTube at all times of the day.

Some people enjoy listening to these voice whispers when they are going to sleep, while others find they can listen to the recordings any time of day.

Incredibly, ASMR whisper recordings are even popular when used on someone’s YouTube profile, thanks to the beneficial role they play for viewers who desire a little more in their videos.

The effects of this type of instruction make it possible for someone to silently speak to a listener who is relaxing in their listener’s chair with their eyes closed, thereby calming the speaker’s voice and creating a soothing feeling buried within the recording itself.

Other ASMR voice whisper genres include whispered words, spoken word-style narrations, and highly musical types like musical ASMR audio.

Each category will fit for someone making them well-suited for a role in calming minutes. Combine all this! These signals can be found online at any time of day or night, making it nearly impossible not to encounter many examples of ASMR whispering on YouTube.

Why not output the content you enjoy to your friends or, in some cases, to millions of people directly through them with a video?

ASMR voice whispering benefits you. It is proven by numerous studies that just listening or watching live sounds is good for health when relaxation and calmness are the goals.

Listening to voices talking in whispers is even better! The sheer loveliness of this product makes it sure to have many supporters out there, and a small basis of those supporters can even be heard hearing these wonders spoken from Russian ASMR whisper recording websites.

Many are amazed how wonderful this kind of technology can be for a listener when it delivers an experience like entering another world with nothing but ease and freedom involved.

Why do people enjoy listening to ASMR?

  • These recordings are usually intended to help give people a break when they need it, which is why so many people enjoy them. Other people find ASMR videos calming and relaxing because they can watch someone else do something soothing for them.

  • Listening to ASMR voice whispers helps people relax.

  • ASMR is specific to each person and can be different for everyone. Some people love the tingling sensation from listening to someone whispering or speaking softly on an audio recording.

  • The primary way ASMR voice whispers helps people relax is by taking their minds off things. It’s not uncommon for someone listening to an ASMR recording to feel so relaxed they fall asleep!

  • It makes you feel safe.

  • Many people turn to these recordings if they’re experiencing anxiety because it makes them feel like somebody is watching over them and keeps them safe from harm.

  • People find it comforting.

  • People often find these recordings comforting because it helps take away some of their worries and stresses for a little while.

    They might even use the recordings to escape reality during challenging times such as exam season or during a stressful family argument!

  • ASMR voice whisper recordings provide great calm, which is helpful for education. Younger generations are fascinated by this concept, making the chances that the wonder of ASMR will continue on the rise extraordinarily.

  • In some cases, people may find the videos relaxing because many feature women and men are speaking softly about personal experiences, which provides others with a sense of intimacy even when the viewer is not watching them in person.

There are many other reasons why someone might enjoy listening to ASMR, but these are just a few!


Listening to this type of audio, an entirely new world discussed by voices that carefully choose its words, will come up for your daily feelings. And most importantly, ASMR voice whispering benefits you. It will definitely help with relaxation and calmness.