SAS ASMR Net Worth And Basic Information

Updated on March 29, 2024

SAS-ASMR, a Canadian YouTuber, became famous after her ASMR videos spread vividly on YouTube. SAS-ASMR specializes in whispering, eating, and mukbang ASMR content and has over 2 billion video views overall. This article also talks about SAS ASMR net worth.

SAS-ASMR was born on July 20th, 1982, in Thailand below the astrological sign of Cancer. Later on, she went to British Columbia in Canada. Her family comes from North-East Asia. Her sister Sissi is also a well-known YouTuber who makes ASMR videos with her kids, Nicholas, together with Emma, on her account ‘N.E Let’s Eat.’

She doesn’t provide the names of her parents. She rarely includes information about her family’s origins, but she does so on occasion. She is close with her mom and sister. Thai-Canadian by birth, she holds Thai-Canadian citizenship.

In terms of profession, SAS-ASMR is a YouTuber coming from Canada. Her ASMR clips on YouTube spread fast and gathered more than one million followers on her YouTube channel; she became famous. Her main channel has now amassed over 8.74 million subscribers with close to 2 billion likes.

Before she began making YouTube videos, she had a conventional job. She previously worked as a bartender and a shop assistant in a mall. She once lived with her sister, too. YouTube’s rising platform offered her the opportunity to succeed, though. Her YouTube channel was founded on April 6th, 2016. Then she published her first movie, “ASMR Sushi Dynamite Roll Mukbang,” in November 2017.

She was a pioneer in the ASMR movement. Her ASMR clips became a slow craze by word of mouth, gaining viral popularity. The term “ASMR” stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response, which is defined as a type of sensation that a body feels after it has been exposed to triggers that stimulate the viewer’s sensation memories. While online discussions about ASMR are vast and unrestricted, SAS focused on something she understood best: food.

She uses silent whispering and also mukbang methods in her videos. She ate lots of food and created pleasant audio stories about them. SAS’s popularity among the ASMR category is due to her distinctiveness. She quickly transformed into one of YouTube’s most popular YouTubers focusing on mukbang.

Her “SAS-ASMR” channel, which she launched alongside her main channel, became one of the most favorite ASMR channels on YouTube soon after, with over two billion views today.

Furthermore, her food of preference, especially the diversity in her cuisines, draws people back to view her videos. She successfully stimulates a tingle in her audience’s brains, making them uncomfortable with the noises she produces while chewing and eating. She has experimented with many different meals, fruits, meat, and herbs for nearly three years on YouTube.

Famous videos

‘ASMR Honeycomb (Exceedingly STICKY pleasing EATING SOUNDS) NO TALKING’ and ‘ASMR Raw Honeycomb (EATING SOUNDS) | SAS-ASMR Part 4’ are two of her most famous and viewed films. The first video has amassed 44 million views, while the second film has 34 million views.

An ASMR video that has been viewed 26 million times is “ASMR SALMON & OCTOPUS SASHIMI (RAW SAVAGE Uttermost Soft Chewy EATING SOUNDS) No Talking.” She has also been frequently linked to the most famous ASMR personalities by different publications, and she keeps on creating these.

Other YouTube channel

In 2017 October, she also launched her secondary vlogging YouTube channel, ‘SASVlogs,’ to complement her primary ASMR-oriented one. Her main channel focuses solely on ASMR, but the second is about her life, exercise, food habits, travel, and other activities.

She utilizes the channel as a film diary to connect with her followers, and she regularly hosts live sessions.

The channel has close to 822k followers.

Overall, SAS’s channel has a view count of over 1 billion, and she is the world’s most popular ASMR video producer. Her mischievous remarks and unusual selections regularly bring in new audiences.

She’s also launched another youtube channel, SAS-ASMR X2, on June 16th, 2018, that has amassed more than 209k subscribers and close to 8.89 million total views.

Nonetheless, she hasn’t posted to the channel for several years and has concentrated on previous ones.

She is also on Instagram, where she owns two separate accounts: @sasittube and @sasvlogss. She maintains two Instagram accounts: sasittube and @sashvidl of them. The account for her life update, which includes photos from vacations, family events, and daily activities, has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram. Her fan following stands at 119k people.

Undoubtedly, she remains one of the most-viewed YouTubers on the site, and each month she becomes more popular.

SAS ASMR Net worth

She was a well-known ASMR YouTuber, and on the earnings side, she has made a good living off of YouTube. Her central source of money is her social media occupation, in which she has amassed millions of followers. She unquestionably has a prosperous livelihood due to her many YouTube channels.

She has over 2 billion views across her many YouTube channels. She publishes approximately 31 videos each month, which collectively have over 2 billion views. In July 2020, her approximated net worth was about $6 million.

Personal life

SAS-ASMR is a married lady with a natural personality. She is straight and married. Now she stays in Canada with her spouse. Her husband’s name hasn’t been mentioned. She frequently showed her spouse on her various social media podiums. The pair appears to be enjoying themselves immensely. In addition, there is no indication that their marriage is coming to an end anytime soon, and they are constantly spending time together.


The well-known social media celebrity SAS has unintentionally gotten involved in some fuss. She, too, has been through a scandal due to one of her YouTube videos. In a video, she ate a raw octopus, stirring up a storm and angering many environmentalists and vegans. Due to a lack of compassion for an actual living creature, she was condemned as “cruel and shameful” for her behavior.

Ever since, the comment part has been filled with haters and trolls alike, but she chose not to respond. However, she removed the controversial film where she ate the octopus rather than apologize. Her supporters have engaged with the critics, defending her choice to eat raw animals in many regions of the world and suggesting that it shouldn’t be discouraged.

Aside from that, there are no reports of her being involved in any controversial activity for her videos on YouTube, nor any news concerning her personal life. She has kept a good reputation.

Body measurement and Social media

SAS-ASMR got brown eyes with dark hair. She is 5 feet 4 inches (162 cm) tall, but her weight and other measurements are unknown.

She has many social media accounts, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc. She doesn’t have an account on Twitter. SAS ASMR is her central YouTube channel, with over 8.74 million followers and 2 billion views.

And her vlogging channel got 822k subscribers as well.

She has a following of 1.8 million on Instagram, where she runs two accounts. Her Sasa channel has over 1.8 million followers, and her SASvlogs channel has more than 119k fan followers. On the Facebook page, there are around 42k fans.