Baba Sen: Famous ASMR Artist AKA The Cosmic Barber

Updated on February 09, 2024

I mean it literally when I say that there’s a thing for everyone on the YouTube platform. And when a member of the community passes away, it affects everyone in the group.

A lot of those creators term Baba Sen precisely as an original, inadvertent ASMR artist for those who are familiar with the realm of ASMR. On Reddit, news spread quickly.

According to Baba’s Facebook page post, he was just 47 years old.

So, what exactly did this guy do? He performed massages in a compelling manner which was entertaining to view. It was undoubtedly soothing for the receiver as well. According to rumors, he charged between $8 and $10 per message, with rates declining or stopping if you didn’t have the cash.

Now for a portion of Baba Sen’s most popular songs: Have fun exploring the rabbit hole — or the coney gap, as it were — on YouTube. If you are in a position to assist this person’s family in any way, please do so!

On 19th October 2018, Baba Sen died suddenly from a heart attack, leaving behind his spouse, child, daughter-in-law, and grandchild. He left ashes and debt, mainly owing to the loan he acquired to construct that new home for the whole family.

Baba Sen has a worldwide following. His tale began with a gritty 2008 film called “World’s Greatest Head Massage,” posted by a particular European tourist, and it converted into the stepping stone for the emerging subculture surrounding “ASMR.” All that squeezing, tapping, and deep breathing was perfect for viral success — culturally intriguing, hypnotic, and peculiarly gratifying.

He’s now amassed about 100 million YouTube views for his videos. That original film attracted new pilgrims seeking to listen to him mumble “reeeelaaaax” as he stroked their temples.

The figures are staggering for such a specialized product. Massimo Tarantelli, a YouTuber from Italy better known as “ASMR Barber,” has managed to gather more than 50 million views on his many videos with Baba (as well as 32 million on one particular video). With just one visit to Baba in Pushkar, one more channel, Nomad Hairdresser, has racked up 26 million views, accomplishing his most well-liked upload by far.

Baba’s videos got him to London and Japan, in addition to interviews with the BBC and the New York Post. With the internet-bending effects of Baba’s celestial massaging, barbers from India are to great extent, a bigger tourist allure than ever before.

After his father’s death, Rohit moved to the marigold-hued barbershop and learned to imitate his famous messages to gain new followers. COVID-19, on the other hand, is spreading throughout India, putting barbers out of work - and so Tarantelli’s latest GoFundMe for ASMR Barbers comes at a critical time.

Fans have already given more than $6,000 to the $8,700 aim to pay off the rest of the debt on the home during the past four months, even if that were a fragment of what Exceedingly Online owes Baba since countless others have made money just by holding up a phone, mainly an iPhone, to catch his legendary artistry.

While he eventually learned to charge distant visitors more, his worldwide web fame didn’t result in a kingdom of income streams like Salt Bae, for example. It’s also uncertain how much money Tarantellis received from his Patreon and also PayPal finances, which he has highlighted adequately in his clips as a method to offer immediate assistance.

It all has a feeling like a clumsy referendum on the intersection of artistic license and cultural appropriation. It seems as if someone should have at least tapped Baba on his shoulder and shown him a better approach. It appears that we, as ASMR fans, are deceitful in a particular dystopian digital-globalization plot that pimps out poor barbers for head prickles.

Because not everybody has experienced ASMR, it is more likely to remain a niche for a specific group of individuals on the net. There are, however, several technical advancements that may substantially improve ASMR. Virtual truth, in particular, has many people interested since it could provide a new extent of immersion to the encounter.

Baba Sen has already worked with different video creators to produce one of the first ASMR experiences fully compatible with practical reality, which was received well by the ASMR group on Reddit.

How did Baba Sen the cosmic Barber die?

Last year, Baba Sen, also known as the global Barber, succumbed to a cardiac arrest. His “cosmic energy massages” brought people from all around the world to his salon.

What is cosmic massage?

Cosmic head massage is a unique blend of head massage and recovery. The receiver is connected with Source dynamism and their elevated path through intense stress reduction massage methods and cosmic healing.

Where is Baba Sen the cosmic Barber?

The cosmic barber was a barber in India’s Pushkar who has been called for his unusual cutting technique.

What is an Indian head massage?

A type of massage therapy that focuses on acupressure points and the neck, head, and shoulders, frequently employing circular massage strokes to enhance hair and scalp health, is Indian head massage.

Who is the king of ASMR?

In truth, Bob Ross, for a long time, has been dubbed the ”godfather of ASMR” and also “King of the Tingles” since so many individuals had their initial encounter with ASMR in front of his pleasant little clouds.

How old was Baba Sen The Cosmic Barber?

Many of those artists claim that Baba Sen was an original, unintentional ASMR artist for those who are acquainted with the world of ASMR. According to a Facebook post from Baba, he was only 47 years old.

What is the cosmic Barber?

Baba Sen, also known as the Cosmic Barber, allured individuals worldwide to his “cosmic energy massages,” which were broadcast via YouTube before his death in October 2018. In his 120-year-old shop in Pushkar, India, videos show as he cut hair, trimmed beards, and opened the “third eye” of willing customers with “cosmic energy massages.”