Best ASMR Podcast - Top 12

Updated on August 13, 2023

We have got the top 12 best ASMR podcasts that will help you relax and feel good about the day and night. Check out the list.

Sleep Whispers

We all have trouble quieting our own minds at night, but there is a solution. This podcast will help you fall asleep and stay relaxed with guided sleep meditation podcasts that teach listeners how to meditate quickly whether they are lying down or sitting up straight-up!

Sleep Whispers offers different types of relaxation techniques for any occasion including stress relief through yoga videos; deep breathing exercises which promote calmness by increasing oxygen flow in the bloodstream (known as ventilation); positive thinking tips on creating more happy moments throughout each day.

Sleep and Relax ASMR

Sleep and Relax ASMR is the perfect podcast for when you need some peace in your life. Hosts will drag listeners into deep relaxation with their soothing voices, soft speaking techniques, or relaxing background noise while they guide us through our busy days so we can rejuvenate! Whether it is late at night after work has taken its toll on body & mind; or during those morning hours before an important meeting starts without any coffee made yet - this show offers something unique every single time.

If you want to know more, do check the best ASMR artists.

Simply ASMR

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This podcast aims to give you an auditory experience that can calm and soothe your mind! Ease into sleep mode with the help of sound waves stimulating those delicious tingles in all parts of your body.

Let’s Find Out ASMR

The comfort and serenity that ASMR provides are not just for entertainment purposes. It can provide relief from anxiety or other stress-related disorders by relaxing your muscles without physically causing any movement, which means it’s perfect if you want to take a break but don’t have the luxury of taking time off work! The low volume levels make this an excellent way to sleep better at night too - so give yourself permission now: look up with some sleepy scalp massages.

ASMR Rain Recordings

This one is a podcast that generates audio experiences intended to support people with sleeping and relaxing. With many ASMR prompts including murmurs, mild speaking in the background of relaxing ambiances like rain, or general noises such as crickets chirping at night; their goal has been achieved by providing you with an experience tailored just for your needs! It feels like being on the beach while overlooking waves crashing against rocks alongside driftwood pieces, watching the sunlight keep getting dimmer until eventually disappearing completely only leaving you with stars —or catching snowflakes between two fingers before their inevitable dissolution into water.

Bluemind ASMR

Welcome to a world of relaxation and peace. This is where you’ll find no-talk trigger compilations, unique sci-fi roleplay sessions that will take your mind off all the worries in life for a while (perhaps even longer), spa visits, whispered soft-spoken rambles around natural sounds like waterfalls or wind chimes - whatever brings some calmness into one’s day! There are also affirmations along with meditations available too!

ASMR Sleep Recordings

Binaural Audio

ASMR Sleep Recording’s goal is to provide the best possible sleeping experience for its listeners. Delicate whispering and gentle speaking are used as triggers that help people relax from their busy lives while relaxing background noise like rain or general ambiance will make sure you can easily forget about everything else around!

The podcast has created an amazing collection with sounds ranging anywhere between calming waves on shorelines at sunset all way through snow crunching under feet as they walk up mountain trails wearing boots.

Tome by Tome ASMR

ASMRtist reading timeless classics, the horrors of HP Lovecraft, and fairy tales in soft-spoken voices. Chronic pain advocate veterans will find relief with these readings as they reduce symptoms like anxiety depression insomnia PTSD.

As an ASMRtis he has spent time studying old books such as “The Norton Anthology Of Poetry” by John Donne or even a children’s book on how to survive being eaten by monsters! It doesn’t matter what kind you prefer because you’ll find all types here.


Within the last year, ASMR has been found to be an excellent way of dealing with insomnia. It also helps PTSD patients relax their muscles and get some sleep as well as those suffering from anxiety or depression! For more information contact your local meditation studio today.

Counting Stars ASMR

The journey to success is filled with obstacles, but your attitude will determine how high you rise. As an entrepreneur myself that’s been on both sides of the microphone-as studio owner and guest speaker alike—I’ve learned one thing: positive affirmations work! There are several ways we can use them in our everyday lives for benefits such as better sleep hygiene or timing deadlines more effectively; all it takes are some simple phrases tailored specifically towards YOU (your goals!). This is what counting stars ASMR is all about.

Relaxing Literature

The soft-spoken voice of the author is soothing to listen to and read. The content offers a unique way for people looking at bedtime or relaxation strategies as well as those experiencing problems with insomnia, anxiety disorders, depression, etc., who need help falling asleep faster than usual.

It can be used alongside meditation apps like Headspace which provide guided meditations that automate away anybody’s worries while they concentrate on breathing exercises designed specifically.

Bubble: The ASMR Podcast

You can’t sleep at night? Then Bubble will help you relax. ASMR without visuals ‘the podcast’ is a great way to get your mind off of things when needed, and it doesn’t make any difference that there’s no screen light or anything else distracting with this show-it just brings relaxation!

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