12 Best ASMR Noises: Popular ASMR Triggers

Updated on February 23, 2022

Have you been looking for that one sound to send your spine tingling? As far as ASMR best practices go, there’s no doubt that one of the best things you can do is to expose yourself to triggers. Only when exposed to triggers, will you experience ASMR in its full capacity. All different ASMRs have got sensational triggers!

That said, not everyone has the luxury of experiencing ASMR simply because they aren’t quite sure what their best triggers are. To combat this, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best ASMR noises that you can use to experience the best possible ASMR in your life!

12 Best ASMR Noises

What’s that tingling sensation? It’s a sign you’re about to have an incredible experience. Here, we break down 12 of the most common triggers and why they work for people who want this feeling in their lives!

best asmr noises 2022

#1 Whispering

Whispering is one of the most common ASMR triggers, resulting in feelings of calmness. The sound involves someone slowly whispering into a microphone which has been found to help with sleep issues! Undoubtedly, Whispering is one of the best ASMR noises that will have you looking for a snuggle buddy.

#2 Personal Attention

Personal attention noises are the best! They help lull you into a false sense of security and get your mind set up for all sorts of surprises to happen. Watching someone give personal attention ASMR stimuli is so calming!

#3 Role-Play

Role-play ASMR triggers are hands down the most popular. Watching someone pretend to be your doctor, lawyer, or loved one can give you all sorts of tingles. It’s no wonder why millions of people are subscribed to the best role-play ASMR artists on YouTube!

Role-play ASMR stimuli mimic real-life interactions. When you were a child, your parents or teachers would talk to you differently depending on their mood. Children learn early on how to pick up on these changes, which still influences us now.

#4 Scratching

Scratching is a common ASMR stimulus, and it’s been found to have more of an effect on those who have more stress in their lives. Scratching sound effects are the perfect way to decompress after a long day, and they can help you relax for a moment before you fall into a deep, happy sleep.

#5 Brushing

Brushing is one of the most challenging triggers to tap into. If you can find someone with good brushing sounds, consider yourself very lucky! These triggers are a lot harder to tap into, but they’re worth it. Brushing ASMR is all about finding a sweet spot, and once you do, it’s like falling in love for the first time all over again.

#6 Binaural Sounds

These are the most common, and they happen to be the ones that you’re likely to experience when you start your journey into this world. Binaural sounds use stereo power, which helps stimulate different parts of the brain. This results in feelings of relaxation, which makes them so great for ASMR practices.

#7 Hand Movements

Hand movements are one of the most common triggers to experience, and they often help people feel at ease. This is because humans have evolved to rely on hand gestures to understand each other’s emotions better. If your mind thinks someone is upset with you, it will send out those same signals as well!

#8 Mouth Sounds

There is no doubt that mouth sounds are among the more popular ASMR triggers, and it’s all thanks to how they mimic real-life interactions. Every time you talk to someone, your voice will go through the following motions: lips touching, opening/closing, and tongue movement.

The best ASMR noises are the ones that mimic these movements, even if it’s just for a moment, which is exactly what makes them so powerful. As we grow up, we learn to associate noises with certain emotions and feelings, and we pick up on these things very quickly.

#9 Nature Sounds

The sound of nature is the best ASMR stimulus. You shouldn’t have to turn on your television or radio to get all these amazing benefits! That’s why so many people are turning towards videos with nature sounds instead so that they can experience the best ASMR noises around.

#10 Hair Stroking

Hair sounds are one of the best ASMR triggers, and they often result in feelings of happiness. It’s because people have evolved to one another through physical contact, which is why it has such a profound effect on us when someone strokes our hair! Even if you don’t think it’ll work for you, give it a try!

#11 Unintelligible Speech

Unintelligible speech is one of the best ASMR stimuli because it taps into your imagination. When you start to think about what this person could be saying, your mind goes into overdrive. It starts to pick up all the potential sounds, which results in a stronger response. It’s like playing a game of chess with someone that always has more pieces than you do.

#12 Crinkling Sounds

Crinkling sounds are among the hardest ASMR triggers to understand, but they’re also some of the most interesting. It’s like solving a puzzle that has no end. The more you do it, the more you’ll find yourself enjoying it and longing for those same feelings again!

Some examples are tinfoil, plastic bags, juice boxes, candy wrappers, paper towels, and more! Crinkling can help you feel calm by just listening to it. It’s another type of ASMR to experience.

The Bottom Line

The internet is a cottage industry of ASMR content creators who want to share their tingling magic with the world. But do you know how much ASMR content creators earn on YouTube? It’s no wonder why millions of people are subscribed to role-play best ASMR noisemakers on YouTube! And the best part is you can also make your ASMR videos.

No matter what your favorite ASMR stimulus is, you can turn to a variety of ASMR noisemakers that will let you experience it whenever you want. There are so many different role-play scenarios out there, and they all have the power to change lives. If one type isn’t for you, keep trying new things until you find the perfect one.