10 Most Common ASMR Triggers

Updated on February 21, 2022

If you have ever searched for ASMR videos on YouTube or listened to a song that gave off the perfect calming feeling, then it’s likely because of this growing trend, and the use of some of the best ASMR triggers. The Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) enables those who experience it to share an intimate moment with themselves by listening and watching various types of visualizations and sounds that produce tingling sensations throughout the head when triggered correctly! There are endless possibilities as there isn’t any limit in terms of what can trigger them.

The Best ASMR Triggers


Whispering is the most common ASMR trigger and it’s in almost every video. Some people speak softly rather than a whisper, but either way, a soft voice can be tingle-inducing for almost anyone! Soft sounds such as these may work well at bedtime relaxation because they’re more relaxed than loud volume levels found during daytime hours when you’re probably busy working or doing other things instead of sitting down with your favorite podcast (or two) to enjoy them while catching up on everything happening throughout life.

In addition, there are certain words/phrases that carry particularly strong effects—these could especially please those looking into finding new ways how best to utilize their free time.


The sound that can be made by tapping surfaces with the tips of one’s fingers is a soft, gentle pat. Those who want something more intense will have no problem using their long nails to produce different tones in order for it to sound like they are hitting something hard or making quick knocks on an object such as glassware.

Physical Touch

One of the most common ASMR triggers is physical touch. If you’ve ever felt relaxed while getting your hair cut or having a simple doctor’s examination, then this might have triggered some feelings for you! Videos often simulate hair playing with tools like brushes and combs as well as face-to-face interactions so try out those options next time if they are more convenient.

Personal Attention

When you feel a rush of tingles while listening to someone talk or read, it’s because they’re giving out one-of-a-kind personal attention. And even though this type of touch usually involves making direct contact with the person’s body, there are other ways that we’ve come to grips with ASMR videos on YouTube; like watching them in our bedrooms alone at night - without any interruptions from friends/family members.

Page Turning

Watching someone else perform an activity that you find soothing can bring about feelings similar to those experienced while doing it yourself. For example, when turning pages of a book with sound effects based upon how sharp they are turned - whether soft or hard — many people experience ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response).

Some videos sport hand movements that create different types/sounds depending on what fingers come into view; these too may trigger something desirable for some viewers who enjoy watching others operate freely.


When you want to relax, but can’t find anything on TV that will help relieve your tension? Try ASMR. It’s a form of entertainment for those who experience delight in the repetitive sounds and lights used during videos or photographs (also known as “visual triggers”). The gentle flashlight waving technique is one way to create this sensation at home without having any special equipment—just use an old bedside light projector from your closet!


ASMR Roleplay

The most popular ASMR videos are those that allow you to roleplay various scenarios, such as going through the motions of getting a haircut or even taking on an alternate personality. These make for more personal experiences with heightened feeling and tingling sensations which is sure not everyone’s cup Of tea but there’s no denying it: this trend has been catching fire!


Eating is an experience that many people have enjoyed for years. Some find the sound of eating to be soothing, while others are triggered by specific sounds such as chewing or slurping and find this repulsive because it reminds them too much about their own stomachs growling after being full from an excellent meal. For those who don’t mind listening in on another person’s feast - cooking can also make them happy with ASMR-like feelings!


Watching someone focus on a task can be relaxing for many ASMR viewers. A popular example of this is Bob Ross’s “The Joy Of Painting, which features artist Bob softly speaking while painting beautiful landscapes and plants in front of his camera lens with expert precision - creating soothing sounds all along the way!


asmr massage

The best way to experience the relaxation that massage has offered for centuries is by receiving one on yourself or watching others receive them. A great option if you don’t have enough money, time and space are all at home in your own bed with some gentle face-to-face contact between you and your device.

In addition therapy through moisturizer/facial roller combo will elevate feeling even more so give this ancient technique another go—you’ll be glad later :)


Kinetic sand is the new craze that’s been sweeping across America. It feels like you’re walking on soft velvet, and it has an amazing grip! Very popular with kids or adults alike who want to get creative when playing around in their free time; these toys can be found at most major retailers nowadays! For those looking specifically for some fun during Christmas break (or any other school holiday), there are kinetic beads that come in many different colors so children have more options than ever before when requesting something special from Santa.

In Conclusion

The world of ASMR is vast and full to the brim with possibilities. You may want to try watching an assortment video just in case you’re not sure what triggers your soothing sounds, but there are so many options available that it’ll be hard for anyone who isn’t satisfied with them!

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