How To Do Asmr Without A Mic? - 5 Tips

Updated on March 18, 2024

ASMR craze is all about the sounds! These videos on YouTube, Facebook, or Reddit are the popular craze that has taken over social media. But what if you want more than just watching someone else’s video and you need help doing it yourself? The most intriguing question here is: how to do ASMR without a mic?

I bet you thought that only people with microphones could do ASMR, right? Think again! There are tons of ways for everyone to get their fix. You can find videos on YouTube or Facebook where someone is whispering in your ear while they rub something soft against yours.

It might sound crazy but trust me when I say this works wonders as well since most viewers have no idea what’s coming out from behind those speakers. There are many ways to get the feeling of ASMR on your phone. You can create ASMR sound with your iPhone or Android phone by using different recording methods.

How To Do ASMR Without A Mic - 5 Tips

For example, you could interface externally through a condenser microphone and lavalier piece for better quality audio input directly onto the device’s speaker system in order to get an authentic reaction from those around you who may not be familiarized themselves fully yet!

Read on to find more about ASMR, how to get started with it, and the best ways to do ASMR without a mic!

How To Do ASMR Without A Mic?

ASMR Videos are usually recorded with the help of a microphone. It has become almost impossible to do ASMR without one since most modern devices refuse to record sound without it. However, you can always try out how to do ASMR without a mic.

If the idea of having to buy a microphone is making you reconsider, it might be time for you to explore how else you can create that magical sound. There are ways how to do ASMR without a mic. Try out one or more of these five methods:

#1 Make Noise With Objects With Your Voice

To create an object using the mind’s eye, you must use some kind of noise to guide your hands. Sound can be anything from tapping on objects or dragging them across surfaces like wood. It should not draw too much attention away from what is being said while audibly stating facts about these shapes in front of us with clear pronunciation for all those listening!

The sound should be regular and steady so people can follow along, even if they’re closed eyes! Make sure not too much attention is drawn away from what’s happening in front of our mouth during this exercise. Remember it’s very important for us to hear ourselves speak clearly while practicing these techniques.

#2 Lightly Hum Or Sing

Humming is another way to do ASMR without a mic. It can be done without any accompaniment at all, and it can still accomplish the same goals as tapping or other sounds. Vocalizing in this way takes practice, depending on how comfortable you are with making this noise.

Once you become accustomed to doing ASMR without a mic, it can be done at any time and in any place! But, practice is key. You should start by creating this sound with an empty mouth and then gradually move towards more advanced scenarios.

#3 Record Your Audio For Listening

There’s no need to make it silent ASMR for this type of effect! You could instead record an audio version or do a tapping video. For it, you can use Tascam DR-05 Portable Digital Recorder or Zoom H1 handy recorder. Either way, people will still be able to follow along with what you are saying without seeing exactly how your hands go into motion on-screen - which might be more accessible anyway.

Just be sure not to dim the lights or anything else that might distract from feeling relaxed and comfortable while listening in order for this type of audio feedback technique to work well. You could also record a broadcastability tone for this type of sound and play it back to create a tapping effect that will be more accessible anyway.

#4 Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

To create ASMR videos without a mic, you must be mindful of your surroundings! You’ll be more focused if you take the time to remove any distractions in your environment. Make sure it’s a quiet space with nothing going on around, or even better yet—just yourself!

You know that feeling when you’re in the middle of something and all your attention is focused on what’s happening around you? Well, try paying close enough inspection to truly experience every moment. A lot can happen without us even noticing! If there are other people nearby with their voices raised or cars driving past outside the arena music playing loudly.

#5 Make Your Talks Slow And Clear

When you are speaking to someone, remember that they will be able to understand exactly what it is all about if your tone of voice matches the output. So, stay calm and slow but clear. Take time to ensure each word is heard correctly, then pause for effect before moving on!

Think of your words as seeds that need to be planted for them to grow into something great. Plant slow, take time with each one so everyone can hear it correctly and fully understand what you’re saying!

Final Thoughts

For those who have trouble relaxing, ASMR videos provide a way to ease stress and anxiety. These short clips can be watched in order to complete your own personalized playlist of soothing sounds from everything like brushing hair or crinkling paper-the choice is yours! Many videos are out there on YouTube for inspiration.

Now you are ready to make your own ASMR videos without music that inspires others! The mechanics of how to do ASMR without a mic are easy to understand.  Just be sure to know how to create good sound effects. It’s just that you’re using yourself and your surroundings rather than using another object!