Dr T ASMR Artist: Basic Information

Updated on March 30, 2024

What Is ASMR?

The term “ASMR” was coined to describe individuals’ experience while watching exciting films or participating in other activities, usually with personal observation. Many people term the sensation as “tingles” that move down the back of their head and spine. Others say it’s incredibly soothing and may even lead them to fall asleep. DR. T ASMR is among the ASMRtists who create tingling and relaxing videos to help viewers feel relaxed.

As some may be aware, the term “ASMR” is a portmanteau that stands for “autonomous sensory meridian response.” However, there is no scientific evidence or research behind it. Jennifer Allen created a Facebook group dedicated to learning more about it and coined the name in 2010. The trend caught on quickly as people could now refer to their blissful sensation.

How does ASMR work?

The specifics of how ASMR works vary considerably from one person to another. Some, maybe most, individuals are unaffected by it. And because the science surrounding ASMR is lacking, our knowledge of it is entirely based on internet stories.

The majority of people get the sensation of ASMR from certain stimuli. Some individuals enjoy role-plays in which someone lavishes close personal observation on you and whispers. Others enjoy films that show such basic activities as spraying a water bottle, stirring a bowl of soup, tapping, or crinkling swaddle paper.

Others are set off by more involved role-plays, such as acting as a health practitioner or getting the hair done. ( Although I’m not much of a fan of elaborate videos, I find them very calming and tingly.)

The sensation is rarely sexual. Though some individuals are disturbed by films that appear sexual, many others I’ve spoken to who have ASMR stated that the tingles and feelings of calmness have nothing to do with sex. However, some people are particular in what they enjoy, and many individuals grow weary of experiencing the specific thing repeatedly.

ASMR may be a seizure-inducing symptom. Seizures may be pleasurable at times, and various stimuli may trigger them.

Or, ASMR might be a way to elicit a pleasure retaliation. Vertebrate brains are essentially hardwired for satisfaction and dislike — for good and impaired behavioral feedback. We are recompensated with a pleasant uproar for doing things and encountering things that raise our chances of survival. We are penalized or harmed to persuade us to avoid detrimental behavior or warn us about prospective harm. A sophisticated system of reward and aversion feedback has emerged over evolutionary time.


Tinglebottom Industries is a fictional company created by Rupert J. Tinglebottom, the creator of Tingle Serum. He has numerous workers under him, including Vincent Scully, Agent Tinglesmith, O.G. Tingles, and Tingle Droids.

The caretaker is also responsible for maintaining the facility’s droids, such as repairing and upgrading them. He frequently performs Tingle Serum and essential services like routine repairs and upgrades on the facility’s droids. During a scalp examination with the Professor in ASMR Experiment For Tingle Science Role Play, he remarks that he used to be a professional hairstylist. His invention of tingle serum might have come from his former job in a soothing line of work.

Professor Albert Tinglestein

During the former days of the channel (early 2016), Albert Tinglestein was used by Prof. Tinglebottom in a couple of videos, but he went by Albert Tinglebottom in others. The last name frequently changed until ASMR Tingles in Suspension, where “Tinglebottom” became standard. After some uncertainty among viewers, Dr. T confirmed that Professor Tinglebottom and Rupert J. Tinglebottom were the same people. Rupert J.’s full name has now been cemented for good.

Annual Operations

At least once a year, Professor Tinglebottom would announce the start of the 20XX (19, 20, 21, 22) operation. The objectives of these functions are never made clear, but it’s reasonable to assume they’re intended to be advances or improvements in some way or another.

General Info

Dr. Tinglebottom is the creator and head of Tinglebottom Industries, where he practices surgery/mechanics and maintains the tingle droids’ health. He performs a variety of operations and monitors the tingle droids’ condition. Alpha 2, his robotic helper, typically assists him during procedures and checkups.


Dr. T is often seen in a blue scrub or a button-up collar shirt, along with latex gloves. He may be seen wearing a highly visible yellow vest when conducting work in the field.

A painting by the Doctor. “Manta Ray” is one of his pieces.


He is also known as Dr. T due to his affiliation with the channel.

He enjoys painting, watches collecting, knife collecting, soapmaking, wood, and wax carving.

In The Most Amazing ASMR Collection, he was credited as the founder of Tinglebottom Industries.

Dr. T ASMR Net Worth & Earnings

Dr. T ASMR is a well-known YouTuber with 464 thousand followers on YouTube. Dr. T ASMR was created in 2016 and is based in the United States.

So, you might be thinking: What or how much is Dr. T ASMR’s net worth, and how much money does he make? Alternatively, you could be asking: how much money does Dr. T ASMR have? Although specific individuals have made estimations, few people have a practical grasp of Dr. T ASMR’s actual earnings.

What is Dr T ASMR’s net worth?

Dr. T ASMR is estimated to have a net worth of around $301.51 thousand.

The forecasts for Dr. T.ASMR’s richness are based only on YouTube advertising income. In actuality, Dr. T ASMR’s net worth may be much greater than that. Dr. T ASMR’s net worth could be as much as $422 thousand, considering the many sources of revenue.

How much does Dr T ASMR earn?

Dr. T ASMR’s fans frequently inquire about how much money Dr. T ASMR makes.

Dr. T ASMR makes about $75,000 per year.

Dr. T’s ASMR YouTube channel has over 1.26 million monthly views. If a channel is revenue-generated through advertising, it receives cash for every thousand views. YouTube channels can make anywhere from $3 to $7 for 1,000 video views. We can guesstimate that Dr T ASMR makes $5.03 per month and earns $75.38 per year using these parameters.

Dr. T ASMR’s Net Worth mark could be incorrect. Dr. T ASMR’s income may be underreported. In fact, Dr. T ASMR may make more than $135.68 thousand each year.

On the other hand, very few YouTube channels rely on only one source of income. Sponsorships are joint among successful YouTubers, and they may make more money by advertising their goods. They may also accept speaking engagements.