Asmr Zeitgeist Microphone And Other Equipments

Updated on February 29, 2024

Michael Richter is an ASMR artist and YouTube personality from Germany. He was born on March 19, 1988, in Munich, where he currently lives with his family. After high school, he went on to study graphic design, but we lacked details about his first jobs as an artist or what programs they were related to. Most of his fans are interested in ASMR Zeitgeist icrophone to be honest.

This led up directly to being able to work closely alongside other creatives such as advertising agencies or film producers who would sometimes send out samples of their latest projects so people could give feedback before committing fully. This gave birth to interesting opportunities and a transformation in his life.

Youtube Channel: The Start Of Exciting ASMR Journey

Even though Michael opened his ASMR channel back in 2015, he started with the sound of tingles one year later. His breakthrough came instantly when he uploaded a video named “ASMR for people who don’t get tingles,” and since then, everything has gone only up! He currently has over 1 million subscribers on youtube, which shows just how many folks are looking forward to hearing what’s new from this exciting creator/host.

The talented ASMR artist, Mr. Zeitgeist, has worked with many other famous and less known artists to create an environment that is peaceful and stimulating for those who experience it! He’s worked closely alongside the other personalities to produce some really emotional content for those relaxing moments in your day when all you want is peace.

asmr microphone

ASMR Zeitgeist is a German and English-speaking YouTube star who has over 500 million views. He’s 6 feet 1 inch (186 cm) tall, which doesn’t make him one of the tallest people on earth. He usually record videos during nighttime hours, which may help avoid unexpected noises.

Asmr Zeitgeist Professional Equipment

Michael is an adventurous man who loves to film everything he does. He has some really expensive equipment, but in one video, you can see that he uses a waterproof camera and microphone for when it gets wet outside!

asmr zeitgeist microphone equipment

As you can imagine, Michael has an extensive equipment collection. Some of them are really expensive, and it’s clear that he saves up for a lot to get them! But unfortunately, no model or brand was given as reference information on what type they be.

What About ASMR Zeitgeist Microphone?

When it comes to sound, there are many different types of microphones, and ASMR Zeitgeist uses 3 of them. The first two are called “close-distance,” which means they’re good for recording sounds right next door or across from you.

These clips make use of the Rode NT1-A mic with its cardioid feature that eliminates feedback when facing away from your speakers (perfect if they’re behind something). Another type would be binaural pro series – XLRmp3 players? Check out this awesome Blue Yeti Microphone and Rode NT1 Microphone review to grab more exciting details about them.

He uses two recorders, both with very capable condenser mics. One is the Tascam DR-40 and another one is Zoom H4n. He’s a well-prepared singer who knows how to use the best tools for his trade. His voice can be heard on two recorders, both of which have very capable condenser microphones. His custom-made Frank binaural microphone is one of a kind and can’t be bought anywhere.

What About The Exciting Camera And Editing Software?

With his Sony DSC-HX90V, he can record videos in a variety of different formats and with incredible zoom capabilities. This camera is perfect for travel vloggers because it allows them to film from afar without having any pesky lenses sticking out or getting in the way! The world of video editing is ever-changing and more advanced than it was five years ago. With Michael Richter’s experience in digital media, he uses Adobe Premiere Pro for editing videos.

Which System Architecture And Lightning Setup Does He Use?

What type of computer does he have? It’s likely a laptop since that we can see him using in a video. Specs are unknown, but it doesn’t matter as long as ours works better than his! One thing that has really impressed me about Zeitgeit’s method is how natural his softbox lights appear. They almost look too good to be real!! And if you’re looking for more studio lighting, check out our Fancierstudio 2000 watt kit. It has softboxes and key lights as well.

What About ASMR Zeitgeist Net Worth?

When it comes to his wealth, Michael has been very elusive. YouTube star and entrepreneur Michael never disclosed how much money he earned from YouTube. Social Blade website estimates that the famous personality gets somewhere between $1K-30 thousand dollars per month (depending on his activity). We estimate our income at around 6k USD

YouTube is a huge industry, and it’s not hard to make money from YouTube. Some people might be surprised by how much someone could earn just by recording themselves playing music, singing karaoke, or giving speeches in their room - even if they’re not hitting any chord on guitar! Michael’s YouTube channel has millions of subscribers and earns him an estimated $6K per month.

Final Thoughts

Michael’s channel is one of the most popular ASMR content creators on YouTube. He began creating videos a year after launching it, with his first success story about how to “ASMR for people who don’t get tingles.” After this initial hit went viral and gained him subscribers like crazy (over 500k), everything just took off.

Even though we don’t have ceratinties about his equipment, we’ve covered what he probably is using. I hope this was helpful!