How To Make ASMR Food Videos

Updated on September 12, 2023

If you want to learn how to make ASMR food videos, then you’re on the right track! Let’s get into the magic of ASMR eating.

Origin of ASMR Eating

The story of ASMR content breaks down into two major themes: relaxation and intimacy. While some people struggle to define what ASMR is, most would agree that it has something to do with the tingling sensation you feel on your scalp when listening to whispering and other triggers.

ASMR eating videos sometimes end up sounding like they were created by Homer Simpson. But, don’t be fooled by the clumsy and unimaginative sound effects: ASMR eating videos can be very complex and well-edited. Furthermore, talented content creators seem to have mastered the art of combining various components such as whispering voices, sounds of food being eaten, and sometimes even foot-tapping to create a powerful ASMR experience.

ASMR content creators are able to use the power of YouTube not only for entertainment but also for education. For example, ASMR eating videos teach viewers how to make simple dishes like cereal pancakes or yogurt parfaits.

However, you don’t need me to tell you that the food is delicious! Most likely, your stomach will start rumbling when you watch an ASMR food video.

how to make asmr food

How Are They Made?

Choosing the Right Audio Track

If you’re not yet familiar with ASMR, then chances are it will be difficult for you to sit through 10 minutes of people chewing, gulping, and swallowing their food. Getting started in the world of ASMR eating is easy enough, but what will ultimately determine your success is the quality of your content.

To create a good ASMR food video, you should focus on two things: the video itself and the audio that accompanies it. The video must be high-quality, but what about the sounds? Should you mimic record players or cassette tape players? Should you opt for popular ‘authentic’ ASMR sounds or adopt a more original approach?

Well, that’s entirely up to you. Some YouTubers use binaural microphones that mimic the sound of record-players and cassette tapes while others prefer digital equipment that can play certain sounds at a clearly audible volume. The choice is yours!

Make An Effective Video

Creating an effective video is not that hard. You should start by finding a realistic-sounding audio track that evokes the ASMR feelings you would like to share with your subscribers. Furthermore, you will need a soundproof room and a decent recording device! Of course, if you want to make food appear even tastier, then go ahead and use a slow-motion camera.

As you can see, there’s nothing particularly special about the equipment: it’s all about picking the right audio track and filming quality video.

Picking The Right Food

You will never know how to make ASMR food videos if you don’t understand how critically important picking the right food is. For example, if you’re recording an eating video for breakfast, then it might be best to focus on foods that are considered healthy and not sweet-tasting. If you want something savory, then opt for crisps or crackers instead of chocolates!

When it comes to recording a food video, you should always choose to film high-quality content. Nobody wants to sit through a noisy clip that is full of distracting details. In fact, the more realistic your video sounds and looks, the better.

Foods That Produce Sounds

Some foods are much easier to eat than others: for example, crisps have a loud crunch that is easy to detect while apples produce a powerful sound when being bitten into. Most importantly, you should never rush while recording your video! The time it takes for a food item to be completely consumed should reflect its type and quality: eating a crisp might take just a few seconds, whereas consuming an apple or a banana might take a couple of minutes!

Carefully Planning The Video’s Script

Whispering is not the only thing that makes food videos so realistic: another important factor is the video’s script. Before starting, you should write down what it is you’re going to say and how you will say it: don’t use your regular voice or speak too loudly!

Once you’ve finished recording, you can use various video editing programs to cut the video down to size and add effects. Fade-ins can be used in order to introduce each food item while fade-outs are recommended when the eating process is over. Finally, ASMR videos should never contain any music or other sound effects!

ASMR or not, eating is an important part of everybody’s day so it’s best to eat your food slowly and concentrate on the process itself rather than just rushing it. Chew each bite at least twenty times, swallow your saliva in between bites, and don’t forget to drink some water if you’re feeling thirsty! Eating may be considered mundane, but it plays an important role in our lives so you should use the opportunity to teach your audience some useful habits.

Finally, if you can’t find decent food videos on YouTube, head over to Google and try searching for ‘ASMR eating’. You may not find what you want at first, but don’t give up: there are dozens of videos out there so keep searching! Although it may be tempting to create popular food videos, remember that you are doing ASMR, and making your subscribers happy is paramount. So, if you want to know how to make ASMR food videos, so have to do your research as well.

It’s always best not to focus on the money when starting your YouTube channel since your main priority should be reaching out to people who can relate to what you do. If you’re a chat host, then start a conversation with your audience and be as open as you can: you’ll notice that people will have questions or comments that relate to what you do.

Doing so may help you slowly build up an audience of loyal fans who will watch every single YouTube video you release! Once this happens, it won’t take long before new visitors flock to your channel and start watching all of your food ASMR videos.

Best Food For ASMR Eating Videos

how to make asmr food videos

You should always eat healthy food whenever you can, so it’s important to be aware of the different kinds of foods that are commonly found in the grocery store. For example, carrots, bananas, apples are all highly recommended since they produce tingling effects when eaten! Some tingles may sound like tapping noises while others sound like scratching: this may be due to the nature of your microphone or the kind of food you are consuming.

Rice Cakes, Carrots And Bananas

If you’re looking for a snack that can help you relax while watching your favorite TV show then rice cakes are one of the best options out there! They don’t produce any ASMR noise when being eaten, but they’re still delicious and will help you relax whenever you find yourself stressed out.

Celery And Apples

If you want to add some flavor to your videos then celery can be a great option: many people say that chewing on celery while whispering makes the food seem more exciting! As for fruits, apples and bananas are the most popular choices: eating them will make your mouth produce distinct ASMR sounds, but it is important to mention that they don’t always produce tingles within everyone.

Some of the most popular ASMR food among YouTubers are chicken nuggets, ramen/cup noodles, deep-fried shrimp (Japanese style), king crabs, crunchy potato chips, macarons, onion rings, and mozzarella corn dog.

Additionally, a glass of cold water or a pair of scissors can be used to generate the slurpy sipping sound or to cut the wrapping, etc. Of all, the ASMR food list is endless, as is the creative potential.