Etymotic ER2XR: Pros And Cons

Updated on February 01, 2024

The etymotic er2xr is a great choice for those who want to hear music with lower volume levels, and it still has some protection against hearing damage. The passive isolation offers 35-42 dB of attenuation which will let you know all about any details in your favorite tune and it sounds pretty good!

With the ER2XR, you get an aluminum body that is slim and small. This IEM features tight tolerances for maximum comfort thanks to its single dynamic driver design! They’re a perfect choice for those who want something easy-to-drive but still have a deep bass sound quality.

The consumers on a budget also find these monitors affordable because their replaceable cables allow users some extra options when it comes time to protect their investment. Now let’s get on Etymotic ER2XR Pros and Cons for you to make an informed buying decision.

Etymotic ER2XR Pros

The key reasons that make etymotic er2xr an excellent buying choice include:

Decent Sound Quality For An IEM

On first listening experience, the bass to mids tonality sounds good with a clean balance and pretty close neutral sound. Its most important feature is the decent sound quality. It provides an accurate sound signature and the details in the music are clear. The bass is strong enough but not overpowering, with a clean and smooth mid-range.

High Noise Isolation Gives An Excellent User Experience

The deep insertion design of these headphones provides very high passive noise isolation (35-42dB). Now that’s essential even for the on-stage performers.

Replaceable Cables Save Cost

Replaceable cables mean you won’t have to buy a whole new pair when something goes wrong with a cable. You can always replace a broken cable at a fraction of the cost it would take to buy etymotic er2xr all over again.

Tight Tolerances For Great Comfort

The etymotic er2xr earphones have been given high ratings from users because of their tight tolerances. They fit very well and are comfortable in the ear. Tight tolerances mean they’re comfortable and provide a good fit for most consumers

Great Tonality

This is great for music fans who want to hear the vocals clearly and accurately. The sound signature here has an added bass boost, which makes your favorite vocalists’ voices come off just slightly thinner than they would otherwise; however, it does not affect other instruments like drums or electric guitars in any way.

This feature allows you best experience with this product when using primarily electronic genres such as dubstep where deep sub-bass content will be more prominent but doesn’t bring too much extra weight onto weaker sounding tracks that need less bottom end emphasis without losing detail throughout its range

Great User Experience

Etymotic er2xr are very comfortable earphones with a strong build to your wallet. This is an excellent sounding set of earphones, and it’s pretty affordable. They are also great for musicians and audiophiles who want to hear all the details in their favorite tunes.

Fit, Comfortability & Quality Is Great

The deep insertion design is quite comfortable. It doesn’t cause any pain or discomfort. The build quality of the earphones is really good. They come equipped with a soft cable that’s also flexible enough for most people’s needs although but if you’re looking to use these during sports or want something more durable then there are other options! The build quality is also fine for the etymotic er2xr price point.

Almost Ruler Flat Impedance

With a low 15 ohm impedance, you can be sure that your headphones will maintain the same tone no matter what audio equipment is connected to.

Premium Build With Accessories

These Etymotic earphones are prepared with metal, which is outstanding in your hands. There’s a silicone cable with three tips (double flange, triple-flange & foam) for when you need something more discreet or personalized hearing needs.

Etymotic ER2XR Pros And Cons

Plus they come packed inside a lovely delicate pouch! And not only does it sound good but I gotta say their 3.5mm dongle Lightning is matched up similarly on playback performance compared to its replacement from Apple Store so all is well again.

Etymotic Er2xr Cons

The etymotic er2xr has a few key things that you should consider before buying them! These etymotic er2xr Cons include:

Passive Isolation

The etymotic er2xr has a little bit of passive isolation which is not suitable in some situations like in a bus, tube, etc. It can make it difficult to hear what’s going on around you.

Bass Can Overwhelm At Times

The etymotic er2xr is not suitable for those who like more bass since the etymotic er2xr bass is not overpowering but can be too much for some people. The etymotic er2xr works best when it’s well suited to the genre of music you’re listening to.

Dim Environment Makes It Difficult To Identify Channels

The left and right channels are hard to identify in a dimly lit environment. The small black onyx L/R sign is all that’s visible for clues, but it doesn’t provide enough information about which direction you’re looking at when there’s no dot or anything else visible in sight!

Sound Space Is Not The Most Spacious

The staging is deep and intimate, with two-dimensional imaging. There’s little to no 3D soundstage here; however, the details are precisely placed making it easy for listeners. The etymotic er2xr offers great depth & width, but lacks some height.


Who would have thought that an IEM from Etymotic could sound so good? This is a rather old niche market, and it’s held by their trademark tone. However, they’ve been making these for years now with the standard of quality people expect out of them - this thing still has what you need as far as tonality goes in any musician or public setting!

The etymotic er2xr are so small and pack a big punch for their size! The build quality is top-notch as well with excellent balances between comfortability or precision from bass to treble - something that not many other earphones can do justice to in this price range anyway.

The etymotic er2xr is a great set of earphones that offers a nice balance between price and performance. You can’t go wrong with these if you’re looking for an earphone that has good quality, a comfortable design, and is easy on your wallet. With it you can also check out our Blue Yeti Microphone, Zoom H1 Handy Recorder, and  Roland CS 10 EM Microphone/Earphones reviews to make an informed buying decision.