8 Best ASMR Gifts For ASMRtist

Updated on February 22, 2022

ASMR is a feeling many people have never heard of, but it’s really common and can happen to anyone. It starts with tingles in your head that move down onto the rest of your body when they are triggered by certain sounds or sensations such as scalp massages with soft hairs against one’s skin. It is known that ASMR provides some relief from anxiety, and there isn’t anything else needed but yourself!

The Internet is an endless source of ASMR content and there are hundreds, if not thousands just on YouTube alone. The videos can be found on any number of social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram where people share what they find relaxing to help curb stress from work-life balance struggles, as well as medical conditions such as depression since many individuals feel relief when exploring these. These pleasing visuals stimulate all parts within the body, and you won’t even realize how much time has passed while listening intently.

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Corinna Rachel, the ASMRtist who is behind a popular YouTube channel on scalp massages suggests this simple but effective tool. “It’s perfect for working either yourself or as an aid in helping friend shake off their stress,” she says of its versatility within various settings and situations that call forth relaxation responses like massage therapy sessions conducted over Skype chatlines.

Play Sand By NG

Rachel recommends kinetic sand for budding ASMR artists because it is “oddly satisfying” and has visual triggers. She says that people should try these out if they want an even more immersive experience in their videos or other online content where tangible surfaces can help us be less anxious while being confronted with our surroundings so we’re not constantly thinking about what’s going on around us all day long!

Craft Accessories

Rach loves making slime because it’s such a fun way to release stress and have some creative freedom. “These playthings are soothing,” she says, referring specifically to the kits that come with all sorts of different ingredients you can mix together in order to make your own unique combinations - like apple cider vinegar or dish soap!


How To Do ASMR Wthout A Mic

How To Do ASMR Wthout A Mic

Rachel has found the perfect solution for those sleeping while watching ASMR videos: headphones specially designed with this purpose in mind. The Earbuds can damage your ears after using them for an extended period and most standard earphones are not cozy enough when sleeping on occasion but these particular pair will make sure you’re well-rested before getting up! Sleep Phones are also called “pajamas cute head” because they wrap around each ear.

Binaural Microphone

Bomboni, a famous ASMRtist, loves that it has silicone ears which provide an accurate stereo recording so you can feel like your subject is actually sitting right next to you while they whisper into this amazing device called ’ Phone Sinai ‘. If anyone desires to start filming awesome videos with lots of sound effects then I positively recommend them getting themselves some quality equipment like these.

USB Microphone

ASMR enthusiasts can find a more affordable alternative in the form of this versatile and high-quality microphone. It’s perfect for beginners who want to start making their own videos without breaking into an expensive equipment cost!