How To Make ASMR Videos: A Guide

Updated on February 22, 2022

You may not know what ASMR is, but it’s the most alluring trend on YouTube. Here, we will give a complete guide on how to make ASMR videos with your channel. We will provide helpful insights into each step from picking out footage or sound effects all through promotion techniques so that by the end-of-the article users will have an idea about what they should do next when trying out new ways for relaxation through sounds with tingling sensations in their brain waves!

Intro To ASMR

People who experience ASMR often describe a sensational, static-like feeling that refers to the relaxing and calming feeling which extends from the scalp down the rear of the neck. The stimulus could be something developed around youtube videos such as relaxation or stress relief in some cases.

The term “ASMR” was coined relatively recently. So far it became popular last decade with its definition being Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response.

Start ASMR Today

You may have experienced the head sensation known as “tingling,” which is driven by pleasing pictures and gentle sounds like low whispers, or crackles. For instance, you could be feeling sleepy while getting your hair cut in spite of yourself or relaxed after hearing somebody describe something slowly but insistently to you! Nature sounds are great examples as well - the soft patter of rain against leaves for instance feels so relaxing when we’re overheated after walking around outside all day long.

ASMR is all the rage these days, and YouTube has recorded data to prove it. From 2010 - 2014 there was an average of nearly seven hundred thousand searches per day for “ASMR” on Google’s video-sharing website! The trend aligns with other indicators that show how interested people are in experiencing this sensation.

America And ASMR

In America right now there’s been something called “ASMR” trending on Google searches- it ranks #1 for top inquiries here compared with other countries around the world such as South Korea which has 2nd highest-ranking after the US. This means if you’re creating videos about triggers like whispering or gentle touch sensations then they will be very sought after among fans who can’t find any material elsewhere online; also people without channels yet might want one.

How do ASMR videos work

how to make asmr videos

We found that ASMR participants reported calm feelings and objective reductions in their heart rates compared to non-ASMR people. This is interesting because it shows how using this relaxing technique can have similar effects on the body as other methods used for stress relief, such as listening to nice music or being aware of your breathing patterns while away from work/school, etc…

Little About Creators

ASMR videos are a great way to relax and sleep, but some people find that they also help with anxiety or depression. Dana Park started her channel in 2013 because she wanted the public on board! Her ASMR content covers many topics like whispering GMO-Free Ice cream (which sounds delicious), hair brushing sessions from different perspectives - including one where you wear headphones while getting your locks groomed by an expert stylist…

When I was a high school student, preparing for university and dealing with extreme stress every day had caused me to have trouble sleeping. One night while browsing YouTube an ASMR video caught my attention; within 5 minutes of listening it helped calm down all parts of myself that needed relief (e earl skin sensation). Since then this phenomenon has become one tool in my emotional self-care kit - something physical or digital so you can take time out during your hectic workloads.

Become An ASMRtist

Whisper or soft talk: The aspects of your voice, which can influence ASMR are speed (how fast you’re speaking), volume (loudness), tone (emotional, whether it be neutral excitement, etc…) Many artists use a slow pace in their delivery for this reason.

The relaxation effect that occurs from listening may help your viewers fall asleep faster at night!

Fingernails Tapping or Scratching

Listen to the sound of your fingers tapping on glass or leafing through a magazine. It’s so soothing! You can also try crumpling up paper and playing with latex gloves while you’re out in public- it sounds super intriguing, doesn’t it?

The simplest sounds have an ability to inject relaxation right into us - like when we hear someone fiddling around cassette tapes by accident as they walk down the main street for example!.

Eating Sounds

Eating sounds is a popular way to create ASMR. Smacking or snapping one’s lips while eating something like lobster, cake, etc can trigger the sensation for many people who enjoy that type of content.

Mouth noises are also used as source material in some base videos which require no spoken word at all; viewers simply watch someone explore their own mouth with knives and forks before them until they find something worthy of their time.

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