Soundman OKM II Classic Microphone

Microphones that are capable of binaural recording are popular within the ASMR community as binaural sound is believed to be the most effective for triggering tingles. Binaural microphones pick up sound the same way that human ears do in order to create a 3D sound image.

Unfortunately, binaural microphones tend to be more expensive than regular microphones usually retailing for hundreds even thousands of dollars depending on the brand.

If you’re on a budget but still determined to dabble with binaural ASMR, the Soundman OKM II Classic maybe your best pick. It offers a great balance between sound quality and affordability. Retailing for around $330, it’s a good midrange binaural microphone for ASMR.

The Soundman OKM II Classic comes in the form of two in-ear omnidirectional microphones that look like your usual set of earphones. It’s meant to be used with compact recorders which tend to be on the more affordable side of the price spectrum.

To find out more about the Soundman OKM II Classic binaural microphones, read our in-depth review below.


Power Requirements 1.5 V to 10 V
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz
Directional Pattern Omnidirectional
Output XLR
Max SPL 125 dBA

Sound Quality

Binaural sound should be recorded using two omnidirectional microphones and a dummy head in order to capture a realistic sound image. The OKM II Classic already has the two microphones but you’ll need to buy a separate dummy head in order to record binaural sound for ASMR.

The OKM II Classic’s sound doesn’t come off as transparent. However, you’ll definitely notice that it sounds a bit punchy on the lower end of the sound frequency spectrum. It can capture ambient sounds fairly well and without much need for tinkering with the settings which is great for recording ASMR triggers.

One downside though is that it’s sound can be a bit distorted when it comes to the midrange frequencies. This shouldn’t be much of a problem if you’re mainly using the microphone for ASMR recording which primarily relies on low sound frequencies but it does limit the mic’s abilities for recording other audio.

Overall, the Soundman OKM II Classic delivers on its promise of recording realistic sound. However, it still can’t compete with higher end microphones when it comes to sound quality. It’s also important to note that this is not a professional-grade microphone.

Some of the Youtubers who use this binaural microphone for ASMR are MassageASMR and Heluna ASMR. If you want to hear the Soundman OKM II Classic’s performance, check out their videos.

Noise Performance

We couldn’t find any information regarding the Soundman OKM II Classic’s self-noise but its signal to noise ratio is pegged at approximately 60 dBA which is decent enough.

However, some ASMR listeners have commented about how the OKM II Classic sounds a bit too noisy and punchy at times with every small sound captured and somewhat amplified. Even the movement of the cables that hold the two capsules are sometimes captured which may be a problem when recording ASMR triggers. This can be remedied during post-processing and by lowering the microphone’s gain during recording.

Build & Power Requirements

The Soundman OKM II Classic are a set of two omnidirectional condenser microphones computer-matched for binaural recording. The capsules are contained within ear buds of molded plastic.

It is powered by an A3 adapter which comes with the package. The adapter gives the benefit of quieter operation and an increased dynamic range as compared to connecting the device to directly to the 1/8-inch jacks of portable recorders. The adapter itself is powered by a 6V battery which has a life span of about a hundred hours. You can monitor battery level through an LED indicator that’s placed on the adapter.

The microphone itself comes with a black wooden boxed that has a plastic tray and is coated by some red velvet fabric.

What’s in the Box

  • Spare set of ear bud covers
  • A3 adaptor
  • Two clips for attaching the microphone to clothing
  • Two extra batteries for the adapter
  • Instruction manual
  • CD of instruction files

Microphone Setup

You can use the Soundman OKM II Classic in a variety of setups. You can connect it to a recorder or even smart devices like iPhones and iPads while you wear the buds in your while you record. This is ideal for recording for ambient sounds outdoors.

You can also record sound by placing the ear buds about 10 cm apart on a flat surface like a table, though we don’t recommend this for ASMR.

For binaural recording, you’ll need a dummy head with ears where you’ll plug in your microphone. If you don’t have a dummy head, you can wear the microphone in your own ears instead. But we don’t really recommend wearing the Soundman microphone yourself if you’re recording ASMR triggers as it can get a little tricky and uncomfortable.

The benefit of wearing them of wearing the Soundman OKM II Classic as you record is that you can monitor the audio as it is being recorded.

Compared to Other Microphones for Binaural Recording

If you’ve been looking into binaural recording for ASMR, then you’ve probably heard about the very popular 3Dio binaural microphones.

Of course, 3Dio microphones surely beat the Soundman OKM II Classic when it comes to overall sound quality. Their Free Space Pro microphones are also structured so that you won’t need to buy a dummy head anymore. However, they face the same problem when it comes to noise performance. There’s also the fact that most 3Dio microphones retail for a thousand dollars and up.


If you’re just starting out with binaural recording, we recommend that you stick with the Soundman OKM II Classic for now and see what you can accomplish with it. It’s a perfectly good and affordable binaural microphone to learn with.

It doesn’t need much of an elaborate recording setup and doesn’t require you to buy expensive equipment. All you’ll need is a portable recorder and a dummy head (which you buy for cheap or build one for yourself) to record realistic and binaural audio.


  • Easy to use
  • Records realistic sound
  • Offers great balance between affordable price and sound quality


  • Not too good at midrange and higher frequencies
Soundman OKM II Classic Microphone