ASMR Microphone: Top 8 Best Picks!

Updated on February 16, 2022

The only way to experience tingling from the ASMR videos is through an ASMR microphone. If you’re looking for an excellent experience with your new microphone or just getting started with ASMR, these are some of the best ASMR microphones on the market.

The world of ASMR is becoming more and more popular with people who have never experienced it before. Many people who are not affected by this phenomenon find themselves watching ASMR videos because they’re exciting and entertaining.

The critical thing to remember about this type of video is that it creates a calm, relaxing feeling in someone without doing anything physically invasive.

If you want to take your ASMR experience to the next level, try using one of these top 8 picks!

What is ASMR?

If you haven’t heard of ASMR before, it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. What exactly is ASMR? The term is a shortened form of “autonomous sensory meridian response” coined by Dr. Craig Richard in 2010. The sensation is often accompanied by a tingling feeling that starts at your head and moves down your spine and into the body.

Three primary sensations make up ASMR: tingles, chills, and calming sounds or whispers.

It can be challenging to understand what ASMR feels like without experiencing it first-hand. If you haven’t experienced it before, you should watch some videos on YouTube to better understand what ASMR feels like and how you should go about finding the perfect microphone for your needs.

The science behind ASMR is still being explored, but it’s believed that this phenomenon is caused by sensory cells in the brain stimulated through natural endorphins. This may be why people who experience ASMR often report feelings of well-being or euphoria.

Now let’s take a look at some top 8 picks for the best ASMR microphones:

Top 8 Best Picks For ASMR Microphone

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No one wants to open their eyes when they’re trying to relax. The camera on your smartphone faces the issue of blinding those who enjoy listening to white-noise ASMR YouTube videos.

To solve this problem, the Veksun Smartphone Microphone Kit has been designed. This device replicates the audio from a professional microphone to improve the quality of phone conversations.

This microphone kit is compatible with any smartphone or tablet with a 3.5-millimeter jack. This is a great value, considering the three sets of professional resonance filters and an AC adapter that comes with it.

  • Audio-Technica AT2020USB

The Audio-Technica AT2020USB is an excellent choice for much-needed audio upgrades to your laptop or desktop computer. You’ll receive installation and owner’s manuals, as well as an optical digital download of the Audio-Technica software and Audacity sound-edit software.

This microphone is designed to deliver a clear and professional voice for recordings, live performances, podcasting, YouTube videos, Skype calls, gaming, and anything else you can dream of, so ASMR is definitely covered.

The Power Select Switch lets you optimize power to your condenser microphone by using either a computer or phantom studio power supply. It comes with a mic clip and XLR cable connected from the microphone so that you can start recording from whatever your need may be.

This high-definition microphone element delivers excellent resolution with natural sound for podcasting voiceovers.

This PoP Voice microphone has been made ultra-thin to match clothes and skin. This 12.8 feet (3.9 meters) cable lavalier is attachable to anything you wear, such as clothes, radio, guitar, booth as collar wire, etc. It makes your day convenient in the work you do- live performance, interviews, or recording mp3 that is a little more accessible and comfortable to your ears and daily life.

The ergonomic design makes it long-lasting while on the go while at work or out of town- plug selfie stick in your phone earphone jack or audio device, be it PC/Laptop, then you are ready to go- voice-activated audio recording automatically starts once the mic attached to body cap/holdall, book bag.

The Blue Yeti USB microphone is in the shape of a small totem. It is an excellent choice for projects at home or on the job. The studio-quality sound is ideal for any application that requires a large room or professional sound. Talk, sing, interview, narrate, and more with this substantial dynamic microphone. It’s one of the most used ASMR microphones by professional ASMRtists.

The Blue Yeti weighs just over 1 LBS and measures 11.5 x 10.2 x 3 inches with an XLR input and output pairing (3-pin). There are no drivers to install either (plug-and-play). It has a tri cardioid pickup pattern that records your distinct voice from up to 20 feet away from the device(it can very clearly pick up the slightest breath!).

The device allows you to plug two USB devices at once when using an external USB hub in case you need both to connect at once!

  • Blue Snowball iCE Plug ‘n Play USB Microphone

The Blue Snowball iCE USB microphone is in the shape of a small penguin ornament. This mic is the size that allows you to get up close and personal.

Packed with top-notch sound, this microphone has been clarity optimized by 3D modeling and distance testing by Aurelian Design, who created this recording optimal for anyone who wants to use it for Skype/online meetings, podcasting, vocals, and instruments.

This mic will deliver professional-quality sound from the iPad on your computer effortlessly!

The Clear Snowball iCE Plug ‘n Play USB Microphone will make your voice come through loud and clear!

It’s also affordable.

  • Zealand USB Microphone, Condenser

The ZealSound USB microphone is shaped like a “Valkyrie” that stands guard over you with the latest technology. The device performs exceptionally well with a low noise level and functional clarity that helps reduce room echo and noise from touching it. It is small but sturdy and will not slide around, even on a smooth, slick surface.

The device’s technology makes conversations by Skype sound extremely professional while eliminating issues such as background noise coming from your laptop.

This elegantly designed device has many characteristics that continue to soothe the listener’s or audience member’s ears rather than hurt them because of unsecured attachment during audio/video recording or streaming.

  • FIFINE USB Studio Recording Microphone

The FIFINE USB studio recording microphone sells fast, embedded with its digital signal processor. The device has a large head grille and a giant shock-mounted diaphragm.

Testers also like that this professional microphone embellishes every produce it records and excellent results on instruments/vocals. It is available in 9 different colors (or none) and works very well with a computer or PC. It can sing rather than talk!

  • Shure MV5 Digital Condenser Microphone

The Shure MV5 Digital Condenser microphone is a USB-powered microphone that will let the user record or stream with fantastic clarity. It eliminates background noise; therefore, your natural talent glows through for everyone to hear and acclaim.

This nifty device has any tone control possibilities you have always wanted in a mic’s frequency complement, delivering it all by using just your computer and Internet connection. In addition to broadcasting/recording/streaming music and vocals, it also works well on sound effects! It is available in 14 different colors, including gold plated!


Now that you have the basics of ASMR, it’s time to get your hands on that ASMR microphone you’ve been wanting.

Fret not, for we’ve got you covered! We’ve picked out the best picks for you that are on the market. All of these picks are guaranteed to make your ASMR video a success. So what are you waiting for? Get your new mic now and start capturing those ASMR video memories!